Monday, 30 December 2013

H&M Fall Wishlist

green cardigan £24.99, basics top £3.99, cat hat £6.99, bowl £1.99 
today's post is a little h&m wishlist. the green cardigan i really badly want to just order now as it'd be perfect for work, and it looks warm too. i'm going to stock up on basics tops soon as i think they look nice and simple for day to day wearing. 
the hat looks perfect for upcoming outdoor events (firework night is in a month!) and the bowl is gorgeous. the h&m home wear range is the best by far. it's brilliant value for money, and the designs are fab. i've got so much home stuff from them, from duvet covers and curtains to towels and christmas decorations. 

what do you think? :) i'm thinking i have to just go and order all this stuff right now haha! :) 

love jess

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

the Bath Blogger Xmas Meet

I am ridiculously late on posting a write up of this, but oh well, some light Xmas eve reading! 
above photo by the lovely Rebecca from The Cinnamon Slipper
I think my Kate Spade bag stands out more than my face! 

A few weeks back, I got up super early, and travelled into London, to then take a coach out to Bath for the day to meet all the above lovely ladies at the #BathXmasMeet which was so kindly organised by Megan from The Briar Rose

I travelled with Sarah from London to Bath. We ended up arriving early so spent the first hour exploring and taking photos. I fell in love with the above canal boat… bottle green is by far my colour this Christmas! 
After meeting up with everybody, we headed over to the fashion museum. They had some really lovely outfits, and a gift shop which I could've easily spent my month's wages on! The orange skirt, was my favourite display by far! The red stripe tops, were part of a dress up section of the museum, but these were children's size (unfortunately!) , so adorable though!  
After the museum, we all branched off, and I spent the afternoon with Sarah, TorsRiley & Hannah exploring Bath's Christmas markets. I had such a wonderful afternoon with these lovely ladies! We looked around loads of stalls, they brought Baileys/ Amaretto Hot Chocolates which looked and smelled lush, but travelling on dairy is something I just can't do, but Christmas day I'll definitely be having Amaretto hot chocolates! I didn't actually buy anything until right at the end I spotted the Sass & Belle store, and I've wanted a rose garland for ages from them, so just went for it and brought one for a bargain £7! 
A huge shout out to the Tea House Emporium for my strawberries & cream black tea too! 
& here is my most favourite photo from the day! 
For my first blogger meet up, it was a darn good day! A day out meeting people is not something I would usually opt for doing being quite an introvert at heart, but I am so glad that I overcome any socialising worries I had, and bothered to meet Sarah a few weeks before, and then come along for the meet up itself. It was a fantastic day out, and really started my December on a high! 
Thanks again to Megan for organising it, and all the lovely ladies I met on the day, and all the great blogging advice (business card tips from Rebecca and how to keep my phone alive from now on from Lucy)   & lovely compliments about one particular Disney cardigan photographed below. 
Have a lovely Christmas eve everyone! 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Minnie Mouse by Giles Deacon


How amazing is this dress. It sold on eBay for £1600 + ! 
If I had a spare couple of grand, this dress would be in my wardrobe, like now. 

This just makes me wish I could make dresses! This would be the perfect dress for me to wear on my twenty first birthday/christmas/newyear/ everydayofmylife! 

Ohwell, instead, I've ordered some extra special Minnie Mouse tights, which will go perfectly with the Vivienne of Holloway dress I am planning on getting soon (: I'll post a photo when they arrive (which could be a while as they are coming from Hong Kong!) 

Hope you've enjoyed my latest dress want! 
Have a lovely evening people!

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Introducing Kate the Hedgehog.

Say hello to a very lovely little lady named Kate;

(I've imported this post over from Sitting Pretty, so originally this went live last Christmas!)
this is my christmas present, a pet hedgehog! words cannot describe my happiness, and this is without a doubt the best christmas present I have ever received. 

hedgehogs are one of my favourite animals, so back in September when I was swooning over Yorkshire Terriers, my lovely boyfriend had a different, much better amazingerer (yes i just made a word up) idea and put a deposit down on this little lovely. 

she is an african pygmy hedgehog, so she is perfectly fine to be kept as a pet. 

this is her home; 

hedgehogs can live in a large guinea pig/hamster style home. we have brought her a red plastic water bowl as well as she has a water bottle to drink from, and she has a polka dot red dish full of food. we filled it up loads ready for when she arrived, as we thought she would probably be nervous, so wanted her to feel more at ease with a big bowl of grub... turns out she wasn't nervous at all, and then just enjoyed the fact she had an all you can eat style dinner! so now we give her a healthy size bowl of food. 

hedgehogs eat a variety of foods; good quality cat food, banana chips, hedgehog food mix (brought from the pet shop), mealworms. as a treat i've read you can give them small amounts of hard boiled egg, or baby food, so at christmas i'm planning on getting a few jars to treat her. 

we brought her a running wheel, but we are now thinking of buying a plastic wheel as we are worried she may get her legs stuck/hurt in the wheel, although she has had no problems so far. 

i've held her a few times now; it's so scary handling her, as when she's nervous her spines obviously stick up, but alongside that she does this sneeze type action which makes her jump and me jump too! i don't want to drop her!!! 

we have a shallow cardboard box which we've filled with sawdust... i love having her sit in it, she just sits there and watches tv with us, has a nap, tries to sometimes escape and then proceed to start eating my clothes. 

expect many hedgehog photos from now on. i love her so much its unreal, and i can't wait for her to begin properly getting used to me. 

oh & i named her Kate after Kate Moss. I couldn't think of a better name, and Brad reckons I shouldn't name a pet based on what the pet is, but instead what i wanted to call her, so this is what I came up with. 

hope you are having a lovely weekend. 

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Cath Kidston Sale Picks

Cath Kidston Cottage Skirt, Floral Tray, Ladybird& Bumblebee Hair Clips, Cottage Tent, Red Stripe Dress.
I am pretty sure most bloggers and people in the fashion world know that Cath Kidston have a massive summer sale on at the moment. I was so happy when I saw because the clips and the skirt I have been waiting for for absolutely ages. I went to the Cath Kidston store in Bluewater to get the items, ended up coming away with the tray aswell! I also have brought (but not included) the Posie Shawl, which was £24.

The tent and the stripe dress are my next two (hopeful) purchases! The tent is in the sale at £75, and I seriously would love it. I'd definitely go camping if I had my own mini cottage! 

What have you brought from the Cath Kidston sale? I've seen some great posts already of peoples buys!
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