Sunday, 28 July 2013

Introducing Kate the Hedgehog.

Say hello to a very lovely little lady named Kate;

(I've imported this post over from Sitting Pretty, so originally this went live last Christmas!)
this is my christmas present, a pet hedgehog! words cannot describe my happiness, and this is without a doubt the best christmas present I have ever received. 

hedgehogs are one of my favourite animals, so back in September when I was swooning over Yorkshire Terriers, my lovely boyfriend had a different, much better amazingerer (yes i just made a word up) idea and put a deposit down on this little lovely. 

she is an african pygmy hedgehog, so she is perfectly fine to be kept as a pet. 

this is her home; 

hedgehogs can live in a large guinea pig/hamster style home. we have brought her a red plastic water bowl as well as she has a water bottle to drink from, and she has a polka dot red dish full of food. we filled it up loads ready for when she arrived, as we thought she would probably be nervous, so wanted her to feel more at ease with a big bowl of grub... turns out she wasn't nervous at all, and then just enjoyed the fact she had an all you can eat style dinner! so now we give her a healthy size bowl of food. 

hedgehogs eat a variety of foods; good quality cat food, banana chips, hedgehog food mix (brought from the pet shop), mealworms. as a treat i've read you can give them small amounts of hard boiled egg, or baby food, so at christmas i'm planning on getting a few jars to treat her. 

we brought her a running wheel, but we are now thinking of buying a plastic wheel as we are worried she may get her legs stuck/hurt in the wheel, although she has had no problems so far. 

i've held her a few times now; it's so scary handling her, as when she's nervous her spines obviously stick up, but alongside that she does this sneeze type action which makes her jump and me jump too! i don't want to drop her!!! 

we have a shallow cardboard box which we've filled with sawdust... i love having her sit in it, she just sits there and watches tv with us, has a nap, tries to sometimes escape and then proceed to start eating my clothes. 

expect many hedgehog photos from now on. i love her so much its unreal, and i can't wait for her to begin properly getting used to me. 

oh & i named her Kate after Kate Moss. I couldn't think of a better name, and Brad reckons I shouldn't name a pet based on what the pet is, but instead what i wanted to call her, so this is what I came up with. 

hope you are having a lovely weekend. 
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