Saturday, 31 May 2014

simple pleasures; may

 The other day, I was looking over my old social media pages, and kept coming across old statuses and comments that I had completely forgotten about. Sometimes in daily life, I find it way too easy to get caught up with too much stress or anxiety, and I'm quite sure everybody has had that thought 'It must only be me', 'life is so rubbish' or something similar, along those lines and it is so easy to not appreciate what has been there all along and all the good times, sitting right in front your face.

One blog I used to consistently read was called The Daily Simple. Aubrey used to write fantastic posts about living with less, and appreciating more than just possessions. Her posts about giving were so heartwarming and her journey completely inspired me to go a different way in my life. Although she doesn't write on the blog anymore, I still follow her adventures on her Instagram account and I have her to thank for commenting on my old blog with such a sweet comment that then lead me to find her blog! 

I currently love reading magazines, and my absolute favourite has to be The Simple Things magazine. 
I buy a lot of magazines, and to save my house being buried in magazines, I pull apart all my magazines and only keep the cuttings that I love and know I will use again in the future. 
The Simple Things magazine, and Blogosphere magazine always remain untouched! 
I love reading bloggers birthday lists, or 101 in 1001 lists about future goals, but I also love reading blog series where people appreciate and reflect upon their lives. 
 I also think how nice it must be to be able to go back and look over the things you've done in the past, and remember the smallest details that make you the happiest. 

As a result of all the above, I decided I want to remember the little details in my life, and have something documented to be able to look back on. Simple Pleasures will be my monthly round up, and I hope you like it. 

 photo Photo25-05-2014092314_zpsf11df120.jpg
  1. Walks across the field behind my house. It is unreal that I live beside such a beautiful place. 
  2. Being featured on the Joules Facebook page with the photo above in the bottom right.     
  3. Mint Julips… my new favourite cocktail.  
  4. Catching up with friends finally, and looking forward to some great girl dates coming up in the next couple of weeks. Me & Sarah have a girly slumber party in a few weeks too, which I am obviously loving organising.  
  5. Winning a wonderful prize from The Lucky Dip Club, and actually just discovering The Lucky Dip Club. Their June box goes on sale tomorrow, and I'm going to be on my laptop nice and early hoping to sign up for a subscription! 
  6. My new Nikon camera lens. After doing some research, I took a leap of faith and brought a new lens … it was a well worthwhile risk.  
  7. Is it sad to say Britain's Got Talent?  
  8. My trip away with work, where I was a babysitter to a group of 15 for a week. It was eventful but amazing. 
  9. Making full use of my library card. I have read some amazing books this past month, and from yesterdays post, I made the Cookies and Cream cake, which may be one of the best cakes I've ever made. Libraries are such a great way to find inspiration. As much as I love Pinterest, I do sometimes just need a book to flip through! 
  10. A day trip to Beaver Water World. 
  11. Lemon Cupcake Candles 
  12. Discovering Depop, and buying some real gems, and selling some of my clutter. 
  13. This really sweet anniversary present below. I have a love of stationary… and Game of Thrones. I got sneakily asked what my favourite house was, then got this notebook! I'm planning & organising so much in this! 
 photo Photo25-05-2014095131_zps7e4ab3ba.jpg

I'm hoping June is going to be even better than this month… so much is going to be happening and I cannot wait to share it with you. I know I'll be starting it right, with a day out to Capital Carboot Sale tomorrow… fingers crossed for some vintage bargains! 
What have been your May highlights? 

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Food Inspiration

 photo DSC_0024_zpse86c300a.jpg

Cookies & Cream Cake anyone? 
Recently, I've been borrowing a ton of books on a weekly basis from my local library. I hadn't had a library card for years, but now I actually do not know where I would be without it. I don't know what it is, but sometimes, searching for recipes online seems to be so mundane, and I can never quite find a recipe that jumps out at me when simply browsing what's out there. 
The only cookbooks I currently own are Sophie Dahl's cookbooks (which are pretty awesome and definitely worth a buy!), but I wanted to discover something new. So here is what I found at the library... 

The Fabulous Baker Brothers 
 photo DSC_0010_zpsdb7beb0e.jpg  photo DSC_0012_zpsf5e1cb45.jpg  photo DSC_0013_zpsf65a8a35.jpg 
This cookbook is one I will buying in the near future not only for me, but for the boyfriend and my family too. It is actually packed full of amazing recipes, especially for baking your own breads and small twists on old classics such as Chip Butty's and The Good Old English Breakfast.
It was one of those cookbooks where every page, I was photographing the recipe ready to try. By the end of the book, I decided I just needed to buy it for my kitchen. It also helps the eye candy on the front too right?!  
 photo DSC_0015_zps254be754.jpg  photo DSC_0018_zps725b222e.jpg 

The Hummingbird Bakery Home Sweet Home
  photo DSC_0020_zps098e7971.jpg  photo DSC_0021_zpsb208d2ab.jpg  photo DSC_0022_zps39bc8c8d.jpg 
This is another cookbook, I may be buying soon. It is worth a read but potentially not so much if you are on a diet! I have some of these recipes ready to go to make this week as I'm on holiday. The Peanut Brittle seems to be the easiest recipe, and I'm going to give it a try as I've recently acquired a love for Peanut Butter, and apparently Peanut Brittle was one of my Grandad's favourites. 
 photo DSC_0025_zps77874b2d.jpg  photo DSC_0026_zpsddcd691f.jpg 
 photo DSC_0027_zps56f9dd2a.jpg
I do really love Nigella, especially her cookery programmes which are constantly re-aired on the Food Network! I didn't photograph any recipes from this book, only as I'm not the hugest fan of Italian/ I hate pasta... I'll be honest I did just see Nigella and take the book without realising it was an Italian cookbook!

I literally cannot wait to get back to the library to find a whole new bunch of cookbooks to browse! 
What cookbooks would you recommend? 

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Birchbox April & May

 photo 2014-04-26020715_zps049c4a03.jpg
The April Box
I had been spying on so many posts about Birchbox for months, and I finally decided to subscribe last month especially as a voucher code for a free box popped up in my Twitter feed, so I thought 2 boxes for the price of 1, why not?
I'm a bit of a sucker for stationary, manilla and boxes in general, so even without the contents of the box, I was sold anyway! I was very impressed with my contents of my Birchbox and it arrived so quickly after I placed my order.
 photo 2014-04-26020933_zps89e56ad1.jpg
I had a hunch I would get some of the contents photographed above from reading other blogs. I was especially chuffed to get 'How 'Bout Them Apples', and after trying it, I especially want to buy the whole palette! I was however a bit gutted as I really wanted to try the Sweet Coconut and Vanilla Propercorn I had seen on most people's posts when a couple of week's later....
 photo 2014-05-06204203_zps49db5438.jpg
... came my free box with a pack in! I got a couple of doubles across the two boxes, but pictured above is the different items that came in my second box. The eyeliner by Lord & Berry is really good, and I'm fussy when it comes to eyeliners!

The May Harper's Bazaar Box  photo DSC_0001_zps921a71af.jpg
I absolutely adored the design of the May Birchbox. I'm using it to store my blog business cards in at the moment!
 photo DSC_0002_zps47df1f7a.jpg
I preferred April's contents to May's if I'm being honest, but I have fallen in love with the Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo, and I will definitely be buying a full size of that! The cleanser by Liz Earle I liked, but it doesn't beat my love for my Boots Botanics cleansers which have been my staple for years. The Benefit Mascara was a lovely little size, which fitted nicely into my make up bag too.

What was in your May Birchbox? Post your links, as I love spying on what you all get!

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Flowers Do That Event

 photo FlowersDoThat_zps63598258.jpgA couple of months back, Sarah kindly invited me along as her plus one, to the Funny How Flowers Do That event in Clerkenwell. Although it was a while ago, with the blog re-launching etc, I just had to share this event because honestly, I can easily say it was one of the best days of 2014 so far! 

 photo 2014-03-29061226_zps838dc176.jpg
 photo 2014-03-29061253_zps8c76ce87.jpg
 photo 2014-03-29073316_zps6a78d0cd.jpg

The pink cupcake was rose flavoured icing which I chose, and the purple one was Sarah's cupcake with lavendar icing. I 100% need to practise my rose making techniques! 
I didn't take many photos with my camera on the day... the top photo, I borrowed from Sarah's blog as it's one of my favourites from the day! 
 photo IMG_7067_zps68c4ef50.jpg
Above is the bouquet I made on the day. I absolutely love yellow flowers, they just instantly brighten up any aspect of life. We got to pick from such a wide range of flowers dotted all over the shop. I also learnt a super handy floristry trick which saves me from cutting individual leaves off of flowers which I once did making a floral crown! As well as this bouquet, me and Sarah went home with a huge bundle of daffodils, handmade cupcakes which we made at the cupcake workshop & we both had our hair done up with pretty flowers by the lovely hairdressers at the event. If I'd of known I was getting my hair done, I honestly would've re-dyed my hair! 

 photo IMG_7015_zps71225a85.jpg

My pre-hair being professinally done selfie, whilst waiting to meet Sarah! 
Dress: Joules, Earrings: Urban Outfitters, Headband: Cath Kidston 
Whilst waiting, I also saw the most gorgeous bride walking to her wedding, which instantly put me in a bright old mood! 
 photo IMG_7066_zps379aa729.jpg
Mine & Sarah's hair and below, the back of my hair! 

I decided to wear my Joules Leila dress which I brought a couple of months back. I absolutely love this dress... it is a staple in my work and everyday wardrobe and I am so glad I brought it.

 photo IMG_7028_zpsd270fbba.jpg
Even Cece loved my bouquet! 
 photo IMG_7035_zps4dac027e.jpg

Overall the day was amazing, and so I owe a huge thank you to Sarah for inviting me, and to all the staff and organisers of the event as it was truly wonderful!
What is your favourite flower? 

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Introducing Cece

 photo 666b47ace6e0da359deb50b671b10e97_zpsd04fed8f.jpg
Moving house was a reasonably demanding and stressful time, especially considering we only knew our moving date on the actual day, had no moving van and just had to go with the flow of it all. The next day though, we picked up Cece, and all of that stress seemed to just disappear!
 photo ba5a7a19a1f624522977402478ab56cf_zps610bbee8.jpg
Bottom right: Cece's signature trick *high five* 

Cece has been brilliant these past couple of months. She sits up at the window watching the cars go by, and always seems to be snuggling up with us on the sofa. 
Current tricks are Sit, Paw, Lay, Roll Over and High Five. She knows Fetch as well we think. High five is obviously everyone's favourite! 

 photo b5ea9c6aaffdcdd7b89b6e3bf0897a9a_zps065e5bf3.jpg
Cece on the Joules Sunbird Cover
It's very hard to believe in a couple of months time, Cece will have hardly any black fur but will be more a silvery grey like her parents. I'll be sure to keep you update on here, and there will be many dog selfies instagrammed, probably on a weekly or daily  basis! 

 photo 678e51070b0b1b9a440ed022500618a2_zps53e38508.jpg
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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Pedham Place Boot Fair

 photo Photo21-05-2014232658_zps242a6b2b.jpg
One of the ultimate best boot fairs in this country by a mile is Pedham Place Bootfair held by SMB Events. 
The boot fair has been on for as long as I remember, and I have not left one of their events without  buying anything ever
I started properly attending boot sales, when I was 16 and began my addiction to vintage clothing. The first time I went, I came home with some beautiful vintage jumpers which were 20p each and some I still have today as part of my wardrobe.

Thrifted Finds… 
 photo 2014-04-27082753_zpsd50a2b52.jpg
Miniature Vintage Alcohol Bottles, all 4 for £2 which we brought for our ever growing drinks cabinet. 
 photo 2014-04-27082817_zps8151730b.jpg
The paper in the background I brought a roll of for 10p! 
 photo 2014-05-06204122_zps52ec1632.jpg
Candy Stripe Plant Pot, 50p 

 photo 2014-04-27082600_zpsc8e357f5.jpg
These vintage reading glasses were £1.50 each. They didn't suit me like I hoped, so I'll be listing them in my Etsy store, so when it opens, keep your eyes open for them! 
I also brought, but couldn't photograph due to the rain outdoors a Miss Selfridge yellow jumper for 50p, floral trousers for 50p and bags full of vintage material for around £3 which I'll be re-working for projects. I always take out around £40 to go to this boot fair, and always come back with tote bags full of items and most of my money still left! 
There are loads of sellers both commercial market stalls, and just ordinary people with their possessions too. Sometimes you just never know what you are going to find there.
 My ultimate tip for boot sale buying though is if you see something you really like, then buy it straight away. I did this the other week with the most gorgeous vintage telephone, it was a dusky pink colour, and I left it and thought 'I'll come back to it', and then it was gone! Lesson learnt! 
 photo Photo21-05-2014233544_zpsf0154c7c.jpg
The walk I take home is on the Darenth Valley Path. It is truly beautiful and worth a day out in itself! 

The boot fair runs every Sunday throughout Spring - Summer weather permitting. We've been a couple of times this year already one week in the rain, and it was still on but not as many stalls, then again in the sunshine a week later where it was very busy. It is on today and tomorrow as it is bank holiday too :) 
Next week I'll be hitting up Pimlico Boot Fair, as I've never been and I keep seeing so many bloggers Instagram posts, and tweets about this boot fair. Check back next Sunday if you want to see what I've brought! 

Where is your favourite boot fair? If you have any links to your thrifted buys, leave them below, as I love looking at other people's beautiful vintage buys! 
Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend folks! :) 

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

hello world!

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After a much needed break from writing, I'm finally saying hello again.

A lot has happened in the past few months. At first my break was intended to be to focus solely on working both on this blog, the shop & my day job, but I was fortunate enough to go to some amazing blogger events and days out which I cannot wait to share with you.
I also become ridiculously addicted to Game of Thrones, peanut butter & Pinterest too! 

My Etsy shop will be going live in the next couple of weeks, which I am more than excited about. I have found some true vintage gems in the past couple of months… it's been hard to not just convert my office into a huge closet and keep all the clothes! I've also been getting very creative, making some pieces from all different types of vintage fabrics. On top of sewing & shopping, I've started an art project which will soon be featured too.
If you are interested in modelling for the Dear Wildflower Etsy Shop, then drop me an e-mail over on , I'd love to hear from you!

There'll be a variety of new features over on this blog, including many lifestyle, vintage fashion & adventures.  Tuesdays will be edits & shoots with pieces from the Etsy shop, once the shop has launched.

Come say hello over on my new Twitter @dear_wildflower , Pinterest or Instagram. Alternatively feel free to send me an e-mail if one hundred and forty characters isn't enough!

Oh & to keep up to date with all my posts, here is my Bloglovin link. Thanks for reading folks!

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