Saturday, 31 May 2014

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 The other day, I was looking over my old social media pages, and kept coming across old statuses and comments that I had completely forgotten about. Sometimes in daily life, I find it way too easy to get caught up with too much stress or anxiety, and I'm quite sure everybody has had that thought 'It must only be me', 'life is so rubbish' or something similar, along those lines and it is so easy to not appreciate what has been there all along and all the good times, sitting right in front your face.

One blog I used to consistently read was called The Daily Simple. Aubrey used to write fantastic posts about living with less, and appreciating more than just possessions. Her posts about giving were so heartwarming and her journey completely inspired me to go a different way in my life. Although she doesn't write on the blog anymore, I still follow her adventures on her Instagram account and I have her to thank for commenting on my old blog with such a sweet comment that then lead me to find her blog! 

I currently love reading magazines, and my absolute favourite has to be The Simple Things magazine. 
I buy a lot of magazines, and to save my house being buried in magazines, I pull apart all my magazines and only keep the cuttings that I love and know I will use again in the future. 
The Simple Things magazine, and Blogosphere magazine always remain untouched! 
I love reading bloggers birthday lists, or 101 in 1001 lists about future goals, but I also love reading blog series where people appreciate and reflect upon their lives. 
 I also think how nice it must be to be able to go back and look over the things you've done in the past, and remember the smallest details that make you the happiest. 

As a result of all the above, I decided I want to remember the little details in my life, and have something documented to be able to look back on. Simple Pleasures will be my monthly round up, and I hope you like it. 

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  1. Walks across the field behind my house. It is unreal that I live beside such a beautiful place. 
  2. Being featured on the Joules Facebook page with the photo above in the bottom right.     
  3. Mint Julips… my new favourite cocktail.  
  4. Catching up with friends finally, and looking forward to some great girl dates coming up in the next couple of weeks. Me & Sarah have a girly slumber party in a few weeks too, which I am obviously loving organising.  
  5. Winning a wonderful prize from The Lucky Dip Club, and actually just discovering The Lucky Dip Club. Their June box goes on sale tomorrow, and I'm going to be on my laptop nice and early hoping to sign up for a subscription! 
  6. My new Nikon camera lens. After doing some research, I took a leap of faith and brought a new lens … it was a well worthwhile risk.  
  7. Is it sad to say Britain's Got Talent?  
  8. My trip away with work, where I was a babysitter to a group of 15 for a week. It was eventful but amazing. 
  9. Making full use of my library card. I have read some amazing books this past month, and from yesterdays post, I made the Cookies and Cream cake, which may be one of the best cakes I've ever made. Libraries are such a great way to find inspiration. As much as I love Pinterest, I do sometimes just need a book to flip through! 
  10. A day trip to Beaver Water World. 
  11. Lemon Cupcake Candles 
  12. Discovering Depop, and buying some real gems, and selling some of my clutter. 
  13. This really sweet anniversary present below. I have a love of stationary… and Game of Thrones. I got sneakily asked what my favourite house was, then got this notebook! I'm planning & organising so much in this! 
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I'm hoping June is going to be even better than this month… so much is going to be happening and I cannot wait to share it with you. I know I'll be starting it right, with a day out to Capital Carboot Sale tomorrow… fingers crossed for some vintage bargains! 
What have been your May highlights? 

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