Tuesday, 24 June 2014

charity shop finds

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Today I'm sharing with you a couple of treasures I've found in the charity shops recently. I haven't been half as much as I used to go last year, mainly because I'm working a lot, and generally just travel to and from work then home! I've been making an effort to get myself out to some of my favourite charity shops on the weekends and here is what I found… 
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I have been looking for a summer hat for a while now, and whilst at the tills, I spotted this hat. When told it was £1… I didn't care much if it fitted my big old head or not! :) Luckily it does fit so will look perfect with my new Vivien of Holloway 50's circle dresses this summer. 
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Red Vintage Bowl, 50p. Green Soup Plate 80p.
Honestly, I have way too much crockery, so much so recently I've been giving it away and have hand-picked a load of items ready for a boot fair later this summer, however when I see such stunning china as the green plate above and at 80p, I wasn't going to let it slip away!
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I brought this Disney Knit's book a while back for £1. Unfortunately I do not knit… fortunately my Nan does… I already have a 101 Dalmations Jumper, Forever Friends & a Black Glitter Jumper. She has been forever telling me I need to learn how to knit, and she's right, I do. Especially considering I want to make the Jungle Book jumper below. Apparently it's a very tricky pattern!
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Love the Mickey USA Jumper too! And all the retro models!
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I found this Fred Perry burgundy checked shirt for £4.50 which I think is a steal considering their shirts retail at £50+. The shirt didn't fit me, but I sold it on to a good home.
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Finally I found a lovely chain for £1, which I've been using to layer up my jewellery recently.
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What have you found from the charity shops lately? 
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