Monday, 23 June 2014

Competition Wins: 1 Year

Last April, I decided that I would start entering competitions after reading up on how people won loads of stuff. I'd never considered myself a lucky person to be honest but since entering competitions, and a year passing, I've realised I've won at least 15 competitions in a year and counting, and that was with me entering not even once a week sometimes! I thought I'd share what I won last year. 
I have photographs for some items, and am listing others. 

The first three competitions I won were road goodies from AA including a high vis jacket & road safety book, an Easter egg hamper and a bundle of hair products. 
I won a Stylfile off of Stylfile's Twitter page. 
 I won this amazing beauty set with cat themed make up bag from What Cat Says blog giveaway. I honestly don't enter a lot of blog giveaways, but entered this as I saw the cat bag come up on my blogger feed (I followed Cat anyway!) and thought 'I want it' and somehow I won it! I was so chuffed! It's my pencil case for work so I get to use it every day!

 A bit of a different one, but Tombola prizes are a good way to win things. I won Roses and Mulled Wine alongside…
 … winning a huge Christmas hamper worth over £100 in the raffle. It was 2nd prize!
 I won a bundle of socks off of Twitter from Braintree Clothing.
 photo d124ce79694493d1d91609ba2c3183ad_zps29b608a6.jpg
I won a Glossybox and a £20 voucher from Astrid and Miyu which I spent on a mustard fabric bracelet. 
 photo 34fa44dcd15196deab354c59318fa7d3_zps34ee0ca1.jpg

I won baking goodies from NEFF 
 photo 4d5775799e6f2b0da6e23020e6b487e3_zpse45fa6b4.jpg
 photo 2014-02-08042907_zpsc510457b.jpg
Tangerine Body Scrub. 
 photo 2014-05-27011354_zpsd043d7fa.jpg
Doro mobile phone. 

Items not photographed: 
  • A Pen Torch
  • Benecos Lipstick
  • 4 Boxes of Shreddies! 
  • Benefit Goodies from London Beauty Queen on Twitter. (She does fab RT comps!) 
  • Renshaw Icing Tablets 
& finally the biggest competition win which isn't photographed, was a Kindle Fire from We Love Wipes Twitter page. This was one of the biggest wins, which Brad soon claimed as his, as I had my iPad mini, and he had wanted one for ages! 

For someone who didn't really bother last year, I've won quite a lot I think! This year I've already won 3 competitions, and I've started dedicated at least 30mins to 1 hour a day entering competitions. This year, I'm hoping to go for Instagram and Pinterest competitions too. 

Do you ever win anything in competitions? What are your tips/ best platforms to comp on? 
Bonne Chance in any competitions you have coming up guys! :) ♥  
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