Wednesday, 25 June 2014

daytripper: Wingham Wildlife Park

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Wingham Wildlife Park is a zoo I was lucky enough to go and visit with my work the other week. It is located in Canterbury, Kent and is open most days of the year. 
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The penguins were my favourite. Their enclosure was so lovely, you walked around a bridge way which surrounded their home & their swimming pool. I could not believe how close you could get to them, unlike many other zoos! 
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Spot the tortoises and capybara's! 
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The enclosures were all quite close together which was really lovely as we weren't traipsing around for hours trying to find everything. At lunch time we went for a talk, where they showed us all the animals, and I held a tarantula, mainly because the kids half my age were holding them, so I had to right?! 
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There were a lot of walk throughs such as the lemur walk through, and also peacocks and chickens were wandering around the zoo freely which was unique!  photo 2014-06-12023903_zpsf169eccb.jpg

Even though I went for free, Adult Tickets are £14, and I am already planning another trip back there this summer with the family, and this time I'll hopefully see my favourite animal, the red pandas! 
Which zoo is your favourite? 
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