Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft

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A few month's back it was my birthday, and the lovely Sarah from The Laughing Medusa got me this wonderful book alongside a sparkly star necklace. I had seen this book a while back, but never got around to buying it, and after reading through it, I was kicking myself as I definitely should have got it earlier. 

The book is full of absolutely magical ideas for transforming your home. My favourite is 'Office in a Wardrobe', and if I owned a wardrobe (I'm now on the look out!), I would have done this by now for sure. Over the six week summer holidays, I have a to do list with many crafts from this book on it! 

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You can buy the book from Amazon for £13.40 here. The Kindle edition is cheaper, but I prefer having the book, especially as you can see above, there are templates and patterns for you to use and I will definitely be copying the calendar template for next year!

This is definitely a book to keep an eye out for in charity shops & car boot sales!
Have you got this book, or completed any of the projects from it? I would love to see finished results!

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