Monday, 30 June 2014

simple pleasures: june

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I seriously cannot believe we are over halfway through the year already! On top of that, I have seventeen more working days, then a nice long summer! I have already got so much planned, I cannot wait! 

this month's simple pleasures include: 
♥ receiving the most gorgeous sweetheart necklace from Jessica's Etsy Shop, Chronically Vintage. Jessica writes a absolutely fantastic blog, and her outfit photos are just stunning. I've followed her blog for years, and when she opened her Etsy shop, I always knew I wanted to buy something from it! A nautical, sweetheart necklace came up and it had to be mine! 
♥ Having Sarah come and stay for the weekend, and reading this lovely blog post where she summed up her time (and her lovely cowboy dress!). It's so easy to get into day to day life, and forget all the beautiful details of the house & area I live in, and Sarah's description was just so heart-warming. We had such a brilliant weekend, and I can't wait to see her next month for the Blogcademy Mixer Event in London. 
♥ Watching Clueless. Best film ever. 

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♥ A relaxing day spent at home celebrating Fathers Day earlier this month. 
♥ Getting a tartan Kate Spade handbag to add to my little collection. 
♥ Finding that Nando's have finally brought out Wild Herb sauce in bottles in the supermarket. No more awkwardly asking for a spare pot to take home from the restaurant! 
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♥ Mint Julips again! Just so damn tasty! 
♥ Re-building bridges with important relationships with a barbecue and alcohol. It was a good day! 
♥ Reading loads of books from the library on a variety of subjects. I've also found an amazing cookbook called Pitt Cue Co, which I'll certainly be trying recipes from! 
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♥ Running with Cece around the fields. 
♥ Cece, helping me complete my Insanity workouts again. She also kept standing up whilst I was on my Vibrapower too! I have my own Dog Personal Trainer! 
♥ Trips to Wingham Wildlife Park & Ripleys in London with the school. Perks of being a teacher! 
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♥ Buying me & Brad matching Game of Thrones Stein's from Forbidden Planet in Covent Garden.
♥ Snapping up bargains at the East End Thrift Store's £1 sale last Saturday...
♥ & then stumbling upon the Pride in London parade at Trafalgar Square!
♥ Finding after many years, the perfect summer hat from Urban Outfitters.
♥ Freebies in the form of hand me downs from family (hello DAB Radio & vintage garden chairs!) and getting discounts, bonuses and refunds from bill companies, which now have meant we can afford a holiday in the summer. We haven't been the best with our money recently (I'll just admit… I spend too much!) but we are sensible, and its paid off.
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♥ A bit of a random photograph to finish this summary up, but Cece is absolutely in love with these furry Christmas baubles which I brought for 99p from H&M two Christmas' ago (it was part of their Disney range). She literally prefers them over any toy we have brought for her. She also has taken a liking to sello-tape, washi tape & my ear plugs! Cece never sits still long enough to take a photo when she is playing, but I managed to snap this, and just had to include it. 

July will hopefully hold a fantastic end to my first year at work, and I'm preparing for teacher training which begins September. I'll be meeting my class properly in a few days which is nerve-wracking yet so exciting! Holiday plans include trips to the beach for swimming in the sea, gambling hardcore on the 2p machines & barbecues on the beach using my new bucket barbecue! I may even push it one step further and get myself onto the dance machines in the arcades there! I'm planning a day up London visiting the V&A Museum for the wedding exhibition (Hello Kate Moss' wedding dress!) and the Imperial War Museum, which is re-opening after a huge refurbishment. 

On top of that, I have the The Blogcademy London Mixer to look forward to, which is actually the first day of my holiday! I've got the perfect Kate Moss dress for the occasion & my Crown & Glory ears at the ready! I'll also be applying for the Blogcademy scholarship tomorrow, with an application for the Amsterdam class… I'm half petrified of applying to be honest but after discussing it with those close to me, I figured its time to get over my fears and just go for it. 

I hope you all have a glorious July. 

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