Thursday, 31 July 2014

simple pleasures: July

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✿ Reviving the £1.55 'going rotten' sunflowers I brought from the supermarket by using the wonderful trick... stick some lemonade in with it. It works with plants and now flowers in water too! Red Bull, aspirin and tea are other great alternatives too!
✿ Spending a day at the river, & finding a ridiculous amount of blackberry bushes to go berry picking from!
✿ & also discovering holly, which got me a bit excited for Christmas … in July! Oh well!
✿ The last day of the school year; being given way to many boxes of chocolates (as per usual!), lovely gifts from students & staff, as well as the most heart warming, handmade card from my favourite student (don't judge... all teachers have a favourite at some point in their teaching career!)
✿ Getting a new laptop from work... hello fast internet that doesn't sound like it's taking off!
✿ An afternoon spent in Green Park with the lovely Tori from Tori's Tales.
✿ Attending the Blogcademy Mixer Event with some amazing ladies, and getting advice from the wonderful headmistresses.
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✿ Learning how to do Victory Rolls at Rockalily London.
✿ My Pet Parade Box from The Lucky Dip Club.
✿ Realising a whole new direction for Dear Wildflower, alongside new, exciting plans.
 photo SummerWeek1031_zps131d6dc9.jpg
✿ Receiving my first postcard swap! 
✿ Apples on the apple tree in my garden. 
✿ An evening spent watching Graduoke, Marryoake and Partyoake videos. I promise it is really fun! 

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✿ Random flowers appearing in the garden. 
✿ Finally having an office space to call my own. 
✿ Reading the I Quit Sugar Cookbook, and buying loads of lovely, quite yummy healthy sugar alternatives. 
✿ Having £120 worth of wine being delivered as part of a competition prize. 
 photo 2014-07-12042744_zps177a446c.jpg
✿ My new yellow vase from Wilkinsons that was £8 … steal!
✿ Seeing Book Benches up London. I am now researching as I kind of want to see them all!
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Today I'm spending the day at Thorpe Park, which I'm sure will top off the month of July. If I'm being honest, it has been a rocky month, but as I'm sure is the same with everybody in the world, you get ups and downs all the time, but it sure is nice to look at this post & realise all the good little things.
I hope you've all had a lovely month! Thank you for sticking around, all your lovely comments and support this month! August is sure to be an amazing blogging month, and I can't wait to share all my posts with you!
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'Smile & Be Happy'  My Vase.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Yesterday I spent the day sorting through old photos with my nan, and it reminded me how much I love polaroid photos. I had a look through google and these ones stood out to me. I especially love the Debbie Harry one. And the daisy one I thought was very cute, and may help towards my daisy tattoo I want to get. I want a rose and a daisy... I have already found my rose one from a photo out of my Nan's collection.
I definitely need to buy some more polaroid film and start taking polaroid photos more. I have already decided that if and when I get married, my wedding will be mostly polaroid film and disposable cameras.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Kate Spade & Sunflowers

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Tonight I'm off to the Blogcademy Mixer Event in London. I'm currently in the middle of getting ready and rushing about getting bits done!
I'm bringing my trusty Kate Spade bag to carry all my essentials... business cards, camera, phone, ipad, notebook, make up!
 Below is a sneak preview of the mini bags I'll be handing out on the night.
I'll be posting a full post at the weekend!
Have a lovely Thursday folks!
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Monday, 21 July 2014

ten vintage books you should read

Today's post is a little different to normal. I've compiled a list of some vintage books, I feel you should definitely read. Some of these books I've owned for years, some I've checked out from the library & some are fairly new to me! With a six week holiday coming up, I'm going to be using these a lot to aid my vintage projects!
 photo e264393f9a430215c1658ca004dd6038_zps91cbd67d.jpg
This Old Thing by Dawn O'Porter. After having a catch up with Dawn's series over on Channel 4 this week, I'm hooked! The show is full of tips on where to shop vintage, on top of re-making vintage... I've already dyed a jumpsuit I brought from the East End £1 sale from a stained white to mustard yellow because of episode one!
I've ordered this book, but looking on Amazon, you can see it will be packed of brilliant retro images, alongside guides to each of the vintage from the 20s to 60s! If you haven't seen the show already you should definitely watch it on 4OD as I'm sure, like me, you'll go on to order the book!  
 photo 98e41e03c17a694697ad0cf2cb6985ed_zps0b38759a.jpg
Gil Elvgren: All his Glamorous American Pin Ups , for £7.25 on Amazon is a real steal! I have had this book for about eight years now, and still love it as much as when I opened it on Christmas morning! It is full of the most gorgeous pin up illustrations. It is where I first got my old blog name 'Sitting Pretty'. This book is worth a read especially for outfit inspiration & classic poses.
 photo d48ca5fea674a136bf83891076a22092_zpse346589b.jpg
American Pin Up by Charles G Martignette, this book I had a browse of in HMV a few years back, then couldn't find it again in shops so kept forgetting about it. Hello Amazon, & being able to solve these issues! For £5.20 this book is full, once again of the gorgeous pin up models. Another brilliant book for outfit inspiration!
 photo 072c1d751c5613605cbc7b35a4b91ac4_zpsecfa563f.jpg
It by Alexa Chung. I checked this book out from the library, mainly through pure shock of seeing an Alexa Chung book in the library! I honestly never really saw the huge appeal of Alexa Chung, so would never of dreamt of buying this book, even though I have seen it on many bloggers Instagram feeds, looking lovely on the shelf. I must say I was really surprised with the contents of the book! It had really good outfit, hair & make up inspiration as well as some informative musings! It is definitely worth a read at some point!
 photo e24bd71074ae8279a06b3b4bf799b7ab_zps1a25589d.jpg
The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree. I haven't yet read this little number, but I have wanted to browse this for AGES! I have been on the look out in local charity shops & my local library but am yet to find it. Based on customer reviews & the description, this book gives you every delightful for hosting a tea party. I'm hoping to have a read before New Years, so I can incorporate some classic tea party ideas into the celebrations!
 photo f7e1214f8ba3b224302dc06f5bb47e9c_zpsb742ac27.jpg
Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft... I got brought this book for my birthday this year & I wrote a post especially showing my love here. It is on my to do list, to try out some of the crafts in this book this summer.
 photo 81a6888255f46565d0664a52d669004c_zps4bc2fbba.jpg
Kirsties Vintage Home by Kirstie Allsopp. I just love Kirstie Allsopp. Her shows, her writing, her twitter feed! I have ordered this book, and cannot wait to read it over the summer for some inspiration for the home. I'm also hoping to get to the The Handmade Fair this September, as Kirstie herself will be there! I really would love to see the Kirstie in conversation with Cath Kidston event but unfortunately won't be able to due to it being a school day at work! Let me know if your heading to the fair this Autumn!
 photo db0424830b88021541675d2b3b2903ad_zpsebebdd63.jpg
 photo e93309651f88bd2345dbfdd7ee2fdcd2_zps5d99c9e0.jpg
 photo c89da2c4ff987a241f57228806edf452_zps7e3faeb9.jpg
I love the Style Me Vintage Series. They have brilliant, easy to read step by step tutorials, and ideas based on all the most popular eras & looks... Victory Rolls anyone?
& there we have it. I hope this may have opened your eyes to some new vintage books, or outfit style ideas books. As much as I love Pinterest, since getting a library card especially, there is nothing like a good book, made with actual paper! Just a little note, that I've used links to the books on Amazon here, simply because I use it as an easy way to keep a list of all the books I want using the wish list! You may be able to find the books cheaper elsewhere or even at boot fairs or charity shops!
What vintage books do you like to read?
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Cece's 1st Bath

 photo 2014-02-23065152_zpsd422b3e2.jpg
We gave Cece her first bath a few months back, and trust me she has had many baths since! Cece is the dog that goes for a walk and comes back covered in mud!
I wanted to share a couple of my absolute favourite bath time products for her as well as share her soppy (literally soppy!) photos!
 photo 2014-02-23065141_zps3b7d9a74.jpg
 (it is way too hard getting photographs of a dog that just wants to jump out of the bath!)
 photo 2014-02-23065201_zps8891638e.jpg
During Cece's first bath, she kept scrambling to get out. Nowadays she stands still in the bath and if I'm having a bath myself, she will come and jump in with me!
 photo 2014-07-12070914_zps5cb84f70.jpg
The Ultimate Dog Wash's range of shampoos and conditioners are fabulous! I cannot find a website for them, but you can buy these in TK Maxx for £2.99 each for 500ml which is extremely good value. I have coconut & lime, but they have more scents including mango! They leave Cece smelling amazing!
 photo 2014-07-12070935_zps587f37ca.jpg
Another brand I love is Animology ... Their nourishing dog sprays are brilliant, especially for a quick freshen up for Cece! I have Dogs Life (pictured) & Dirty Dawg at home, & their Puppy Love shampoo was the first shampoo I ever brought Cece, & is what we used for her first bath! I was lucky enough to win a huge tub of their Clean Sheets in their Twitter competition which once all these storms settle down, I'm sure we'll be using once we take Cece around the fields when we go walking!
Luckily, Cece has been flea & tick, fox poo & grease free, but Animology also offer shampoos & conditioners to combat these nasties too!  You can often find Animology in pet stores, or TK Maxx again, but it can be hit and miss (as it always is in that shop!) with the stock levels!
What products do you use for your pets? Also I'd be really interested to know how often you bath your dog if you have one... seems stupid but I don't actually know, but want as much advice as possible, yet the internet can be so conflicting & confusing!
Have a lovely Sunday evening folks!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mollie Makes… Blogging

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Last weekend I had a pretty nifty magazine delivered... Mollie Makes ... Blogging. I had seen it in my local supermarket, but didn't think to pick it up there and then thinking 'Oh I'll get it some other time', and then could not find it after that day! I was kicking myself as for £9.99, the magazine is full of some fantastic articles, as well as brilliant tips, and tons of links to keep you busy for weeks!
 photo 2014-07-12071131_zpsaf1021b2.jpg
The magazine is divided into sections, which seem to cover every aspect of blogging by the time you reach the end!
 photo 2014-07-12071156_zps322fe06a.jpg
The darling Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess, feature in the magazine. As a follower of A Beautiful Mess for many years, it was wonderful to read their article & their tips are really useful!
 photo 2014-07-12071212_zpsdd3e6f1a.jpg
The magazine is full of pretty photos. I want a craft room like this please...
 photo 2014-07-12071240_zpsc0a243cd.jpg
& I want this coat, which seems to be sold out on ASOS! (I'm forever checking Depop & Ebay for this at the moment!)
 photo 2014-07-12071340_zpsece8f1b8.jpg
Tons of links to help you, free photo editing is always great for those without photoshop! (ahem, me!)
 photo 2014-07-12071424_zps52859dbb.jpg
& the pages have pretty paper patterns, which I'm half tempted to cut out and use for craft projects!
 photo 2014-07-12071530_zpsb3f0a5bc.jpg
I found the magazine really useful and well worth a tenner! If you are just starting out in blogging this magazine is definitely for you, as it really does help you build it from the very beginning.

What do you think of Mollie Makes Blogging? Or are you a regular reader of the normal Mollie Makes magazine?
They also have photography, wedding & baby specific editions out too! If you have any, let me know your thoughts!
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Sunday, 13 July 2014

country nest: sneak peek.

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On Wednesday, I cheekily posted the un-official beginning to my country nest series by writing about all the wonderful home grown produce we've created in our garden in the last four months.
I first had the idea for a country nest series the moment I found this house on Right Move. If you are searching for somewhere to live, a huge tip would be widen those search parameters, by an extra mile or so... you may be pleasantly surprised! 
Mine & Brad's jobs are both inner town, so we thought we would be paying the London prices that apply to our zone 4 & 5 towns for rent. I came across our home on a complete whim, and had never heard of our little village before in my life. On the listing, the country house look, roll top bath & countryside location were enough to make me completely fall in love. We had the viewing the next day, and secured the house the day after. 

Country nest is going to be me documenting my memories of this place I can luckily call my home, as well as hopefully being a source of inspiration for any country home lovers or beam lovers (like myself!) 
These photos were taken on moving day, February 14th. They were taken on my old lens so sorry for the brightness in places... I kind of ran around the house photographing before all my belongings kept getting delivered, and the flash was on as it was a bit of a dreary, miserable day! 
 photo 2014-02-14054341_zps719470a6.jpg
The bottle green oven was an added bonus to the kitchen, where I had already pre-brought all green accessories! 
 photo 2014-02-14054417_zps12c0b0aa.jpg
A corner of the conservatory. 
 photo 2014-02-14054431_zpsdd075bd1.jpg
A view of the garden. To the left is a pond (which is now empty due to my fear of frogs!), and there are steps leading down to the back, where there is a green roller shutter door. You can see this in Sarah's outfit post . I'm thinking of using the backdrop for my Etsy store items. 
 photo 2014-02-14054516_zps9130862a.jpg
The landlady left the house like a holiday let. This home sweet home key rack is one of my favourite items which she's left behind! 
 photo 2014-02-14054548_zpsbad18601.jpg
Above one of the corners of the master bedroom. When I delve into this room in a future post, you'll see the grand size of this room! 
 photo 2014-02-14054604_zps5237ea8e.jpg
Roll top bath = wonderful!
 photo 2014-02-14054620_zps0b72e107.jpg
The second bedroom. It is quite small. I want to make it into a home office of sorts, so any good pinterest board recommendations hit me up please! 
 photo 2014-02-14054656_zps52bbd10a.jpg
The added bonus... the loft room. I adore this room! I didn't know the house had a loft room until we viewed it. It does not look like this now as it is now the closet. (and it's packed!) 
 photo 2014-02-15022940_zps2c718615.jpg
Joules biscuit tin, and daffodils Brad brought me for Valentines day. 
 photo 2014-02-15022953_zpsbff792e0.jpg
Three of my favourite cook books, two by Sophie Dahl & one vintage Love Is cookbook. 

& there we have it. I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek of my house. It has changed so much since 4 months ago. Originally we slept in the loft! Look out for posts on Sundays of my country nest! Have a lovely week everyone! 

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'There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort' Jane Austen 
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