Monday, 7 July 2014

Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid & Powder Foundation in Ivory

I went on a Benefit Haul a while ago, and this is what I brought. I went to the Benefit counter intending on buying the liquid foundation, and came back with the powder too as if you brought two products you got two samples, and when I had the powder put on me over the liquid, it looked good. I really should just avoid counters to save my money! 

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For some strange reason, I really loved the box this one came in! Anyway, so the liquid foundation, honestly, I wasn't very pleased with overall. First impressions of it were I loved the foundation, and that the liquid and powder went really well together, hoorah... then when I started running out of the powder foundation, that's when I noticed the flaws with the liquid foundation. On it's own, even though the colour is Ivory, it is quite orangey in natural light. That's okay if you skin is darker, or you prefer a peach/tanned look, but I have pale skin, and prefer my foundation pale. I really had my heart set on Benefit's foundation, and this was the lightest shade.
Another downside, is that it barely stays on throughout the day. I honestly do not have time to keep topping up my make up throughout the day, so if I have a foundation which looks okay, and stays on all day, I'm happy. For me, give it a few hours, and it looks like I never put any foundation on with this. For over £20, I would not buy this particular product again personally. 

The powder foundation however, was much more pleasing... 

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The colour, I'll admit was still quite peachy, but the coverage, and longevity of the foundation is soooo good. I wish Benefit made a paler version of this. I have since reverted back to an old Estee Lauder foundation I used when I was sixteen,  to suit my paler skin, but I would definitely consider buying another Benefit powder if they made a paler one. If you have peachy or darker skin, I would definitely recommend Hello Flawless Powder, as it lasts all day, and really does make your skin look flawless, without the need to cake on liquid, powder etc. 

The moisturizer and primer that came free, were very good too. 
I'm currently in the process of updating & posting. I know I've been pretty rubbish at blog posting recently... I have 3rd year essays which are slowly going to be the death of me! But tonight I am attempting to write loads of posts and schedule accordingly!

Hope you liked the post. Has anyone tried any other Benefit shades in the Hello Flawless range? 
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