Friday, 29 August 2014

Disney Craft Swap

A couple of months ago, whilst taking part in a Twitter chat, Hannah mentioned she was hosting a Disney Craft Swap as part of her monthly craft swap. As a huge lover of Disney, I knew I wanted to take part! For me I think the hardest part was answering the questions, as I feel unlike others, I'm not completely obsessed with what seems to be the most popular Disney films … don't get me wrong, I love Disney princesses etc but for me my favourites are a bit more obscure! 
These photos are of some of the items the lovely Hannah sent me! Honestly I was so taken aback by the thoughtfulness, and effort Hannah put into my items! I had completely forgotten what I'd answered to the questionnaire, but seeing my favourite films, made into such lovely pieces was amazing! 

My favourite films are Bedknobs & Broomsticks (hello Portobello Road & old London!) and the Aristocats. I also mentioned I loved Peter Pan, and the fact when I went to Disneyland for the first time, technically my first kiss was on the cheek from Peter Pan in the parade. Hannah made this gorgeous print for me, which I've put up on the wall in my new office as well as a Minnie Mouse pot, which came with a lovely handwritten message! 
 photo 2014-08-29075037_zps47bdc856.jpg

and here is a small peek of what I sent… 

 photo 2014-08-21020604_zps97ea6215.jpg
Vintage Storybooks & Patterned Paper 
 photo 2014-08-21020641_zps0d0532be.jpg
A vintage Disneyland postcard, alongside strands of ribbon.
 photo 2014-08-21020802_zps47f0ed8c.jpg
Sass & Belle paperchains
 photo 2014-08-21020842_zps5674b94d.jpg
& some other goodies wrapped in Minnie Mouse wrapping paper. 
 photo 2014-08-21021708_zps934ce248.jpg
I was allocated Annee who writes a blog over at Annee Apple. Annee's likes were both easy & complicated to find items for her swap … Annee gave me lots of inspiration by not only including her Disney likes, but other likes as well such as patterns, colours, apples, vintage etc, which was so useful, as it meant I could include non- Disney themed craft bits too! The one complication was Annee's favourite character was Sleeping Beauty … I was searching constantly for something to suit my package but kept finding nothing! I did find something Disney Princess themed to include in the end, and luckily Annee, tweeted that she loved her package, which I'm so glad about! 

I want to thank Hannah so much for letting me take part in the craft swap, and for my package! It was so much fun sending and receiving such fun mail! 
The next craft swap Hannah is hosting is 'Vintage/ Retro' themed for September … so right up my street! 
Do you take part in any craft swaps, or blogger swaps of any kind? 
 photo Sunflower_zps52742837.png
p.s. If you'd like to read more, here is Hannah's write up of her sent & received Disney swap.

Monday, 25 August 2014

The Blogcademy London Mixer #2

All images taken by Lisa Jane Photography & Fishee Designs glittery photobooth!

Following on from my first post, I came across these wonderful snaps from Lisa Jane & Emily, found on Gala's Flickr stream and wanted to share a better look at how amazing the mixer was, and also share some photographs that actually included me! 
Rhubarb & Rosemary Fizz Cocktails anyone? 
Chatting away in the garden, I'm hidden behind Sarah! 
Our legs... this photo made me realise that a. My Topshop heels make my legs look so different! and b. I need tattoos on my legs! 
My face! 
The wonderful photobooth! 
& the headmistresses together as they gave us lots of advice on blogging. 
& if you want to read even more about the event, check out Gala's , Kat's & Shauna's posts!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A peek at … Flimsymoon

"Whimsical, poetic and otherworldy"
 Flimsymoon is the vision of luxury lingerie designer Freyia Lilian. Pieces are embroidered, beaded & screen printed, and Freyia embellishes each item by hand. Quite literally hand made. 

The first collection entitled 'Kiss me under flimsymoon' takes inspiration from the heroines of the Romantic Ballet. 

The Flimsymoon Kickstarter Campaign is being launched on Saturday 30th August at a very special launch party at the Clerkenwell Gallery in London. With a complimentary gin cocktail on the door, entry into a prize draw, as well as an evening full of glitter, dancing & drinking, it is set to be an unforgettable night to mark the beginning of the thirty day fundraising campaign. The kick-starter is to raise funds for the debut Flimsymoon collection. You can snap up some of the last remaining tickets here

You can find the full Flimsymoon Lookbook here,  as well as their Twitter , Facebook & Pinterest.

Now time to start planning a gorgeous outfit for the launch party. Let me know if you are attending! 
What do you think of the Flimsymoon designs?

Sunday, 3 August 2014

down by the riverside

 photo SummerWeek1150_zpsea792520.jpg
The weather has been so beautiful in the countryside recently, and a few days ago we stumbled across a  quiet corner of the Kent countryside that was by a beautiful stretch of river, hidden within the woods & blackberry bushes. Cece's First Walk was in the same place, through the fields & down into the woods, but we never discovered the river, which you can find only if you zig zag through the woods a bit and basically get lucky! 
 photo SummerWeek1086_zps1006916f.jpg
This, you could call the entrance to the hidden river! As well as the river, there was also a fallen tree branch, which Cece took the opportunity to practise her circus skills on! I swear I will get Cece to Crufts someday! 
 photo SummerWeek1103_zps7fe1404c.jpg
I was sensible & opted to wear my Joules Wellies in the fox print. Considering I live in Fit Flops, having Wellies to pull on for dog walking is brilliant, as it is usually muddy (even if it's been glorious sunshine all week!) wherever I end up walking Cece! I've noticed Joules don't stock the Fox Print anymore, but I'm currently also loving the new Bee Print wellies … can you tell I have an addiction for mustard yellow at the moment?! 
 photo SummerWeek1111_zpsfe7c7cef.jpg
With my Wellies, I took the opportunity to wear my vintage jumpsuit out. I brought this gorgeous floral watercolour number from Asos Marketplace. It cost me around £30, but it was worth it. I kept worrying it wouldn't fit, but it did, and it has the right balance of artiness to 90s, Fresh Prince of Bel Air styling! I wore it with my Urban Outfitters Hat, which has been my ultimate life saver this summer. I have never been a hat person at all, but I saw one of my favourite bloggers in this hat, and just knew it was the hat I'd been looking for, for literally years! So I went on a hunt, and tracked it down in Covent Garden, and I haven't looked back since. Goodbye Bad Hair Days! 
 photo SummerWeek1120_zpsed11cb24.jpg
At first, I thought it'd be sensible to pick Cece up for a snap in the river. Then I put her up on the bank… and she ran straight back in! 
 photo SummerWeek1133_zps77988d4c.jpg
After some berry picking, and throwing berries in the river, and racing them, as well as having Cece jump all over with muddy paws, we headed back. I'm quite sure that this spot will be a regular place we'll be visiting this summer! Do you have any hidden beautiful spots where you live? 

                                                                      photo Photo05-04-2014140045_zpsd0d257a8.jpg
Sunshine is the best medicine.

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Behind the Scenes: Rockalily Styles

 photo SummerWeek1069_zps5b9f5c3b.jpg
Last Sunday, I popped along to Rockalily Styles in London for a Victory Rolls Workshop with the lovely ReeRee. I have loved vintage hair styles for yonks, and have followed ReeRee's blog for as long as I can remember, so when she tweeted about the workshop, I knew I had to go! 
 photo SummerWeek1036_zps5c7ae145.jpg
(How fabulous is this chair?!)
So, I ended up being an hour and a half late (the not so fabulous perks of living in the countryside outskirts to London!), but ReeRee really kindly waited for me, and I'm so grateful she did as I learnt a lot in the hour I spent with her about a huge variety of different topics. One of the hugest things I've always taken inspiration from ReeRee's blog is her fitness & weight loss posts which you can find here so we ended up speaking about health & fitness, and I got some fantastic tips, as well as being ridiculous inspired just being around ReeRee herself! 
 photo SummerWeek1040_zpsf4d1dcbc.jpg
Rockalily Styles is the new blow dry bar literally a few doors down from Rockalily Cuts, and opens on weekends. The whole decor is so gorgeous. It made me want to go home and redecorate and re-create my own vintage dressing room/ hair salon! 
 photo SummerWeek1042_zpsc630b775.jpg
Victory Rolling is a lot harder than you may think! It may be hard to tell from first glance, but ReeRee actually isn't a hairdresser… yet her hair always looks so amazing and she taught me victory rolls like a pro. The main advice given … practise, practise, practise. 
Styling my hair isn't normally top of my to do list as part of my daily routine. After seeing how quickly ReeRee could victory roll her own hair (literally within minutes!), it has given me a real kick up the backside to learn some signature hair styles (including victory rolls!) that I can use on a daily basis. ReeRee recommended Youtube tutorials, which I hadn't really thought of before, but I'm definitely going to check out over the summer to see if there are any new hair styles out there that I could teach myself! Top of my list has to be learning to french plait! Everyone keeps telling me it's easy, but is it really?! 
 photo SummerWeek1052_zps3b36d1c6.jpg
The salon was full of vintage treasures! Retro clocks, wall art, crockery … the paint splattered typewriter! All seemed to fit perfectly in place! 
 photo SummerWeek1054_zpsec7b1dad.jpg
For New Years, I'm going to be booking myself in for a new hair cut & style at Rockalily. Even though I haven't been to a tonne of hair salons, Rockalily is by far the best I've ever been to, and fits everything I could ever want from a hair style! Browsing through the gallery on their website, you can see the amazing, classic styles they re-create. Sometimes I feel like the only one who wishes I could turn back fifty years, and live in a time where the styles in the Rockalily gallery were everyday fashion! 
 photo SummerWeek1061_zps7457743e.jpg
ReeRee has written a blog post about the workshop which you can find here, alongside details of booking your own workshop. If you'd like to see more behind the scenes photographs, then check out my new pinterest board (which currently is only full of Rockalily photos!) here it's definitely worth a look for some vintage interior inspiration (did I mention how much I love those yellow chairs!) 
 photo SummerWeek1081_zps5dd812d7.jpg
A huge thank you to ReeRee for sticking around, and patiently helping me through my victory rolls! I promise I will be practising them! & also for all the wonderful advice you gave me on the day! I left feeling hugely inspired to make big changes! Hopefully by the time I get my cut & style in four to five months, I'll be a couple of stone lighter for sure! 


I'd love to know which features you love the most about Rockalily Styles. For me it's the yellow chairs, typewriter & lips phone! 

 photo Photo05-04-2014140045_zpsd0d257a8.jpg

Friday, 1 August 2014

The London Blogcademy Mixer Event #1

 photo SummerWeek1004_zps77510043.jpg
Last Thursday, I headed to the Blogcademy's London Mixer Event, at The Roost in Hackney. I booked my ticket back in June, and had been looking forward to this event, especially as it was my first day of my summer holidays! 
I met up with Tori in the afternoon, & we sat in Green Park chatting & relaxing in the shade for a couple of hours. Tori wrote a superb post here, which you should go read! 
At first I was really anxious about attending the mixer. I was ridiculously excited, but the thought of meeting new people completely overwhelmed me. What I learnt straight away at the event, was there was really no need to be anxious, and it's actually quite easy to just say 'hi' and get chatting to anyone & everyone! The mixer certainly has banished old habits of mine and turned the negative into the positive! 
 photo SummerWeek1007_zpsd360eda7.jpg
The Roost is a gorgeous space. Each room was themed, and if it wasn't for Meryl over at Betty Buttons Photography & me taking a trip to the ladies… we wouldn't of found the rest of the Roost upstairs, with it's wonderful patterned walls and stunning interiors! I'll be posting a 'Behind the Scenes', so watch this space! 
 photo SummerWeek1008_zps6a516e2b.jpg
The cocktails & canapés were delicious, as well as all the sweet treats! I had the Pear cocktail which was provided by Pig's Bladder & Petticoat, and it was so lovely! I didn't even know I liked pears until then! The macaroons were amazing too … and being a bit of a macaroon virgin, I felt like I'd gone to heaven and back again! I can see why people go craaaazy over macaroons, and I'm sure going to be one of those people, instagramming lush macaroon pastel snaps from now on! 
 photo SummerWeek1009_zpsf939d64d.jpg
The first part of the evening was spent chatting to loads of other lovely bloggers. Then the headmistresses gave a Q&A, where I sat taking quite a few notes on my phone, which have been very useful to me these last few days! Then it was time for dancing, photo booth action & drinks. 
It was a wonderful event, and I'm definitely keeping my eyes open, and saving my pennies for the London Blogcademy next year. 
 photo SummerWeek1027_zps42eb7ca8.jpg
Above is a sneak peek of a couple of pieces from my goody bag. I did get Crown and Glory ears… my sister claimed them the moment I got home! 
 photo SummerWeek1032_zps48a71fee.jpg
& some business cards of some wonderful bloggers & businesses. Cheap Frills are an amazing jewellery company, and I am eyeing up their Las Vegas set for payday already! 
 photo SummerWeek1033_zps1bc4dd15.jpg

What blogger networking events have you been to before? Have you been to the Blogcademy? Leave your links if you have, I'd love to read about your experience! 

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