Sunday, 14 September 2014

Carnaby, Bailey & Fitzrovia by London Retro

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 It's been back to school, well really work this week. At the moment I'm kind of going through this weird transition period at work, so I decided I wanted to get a new look going on (yes I have ordered a lot of New Girl-esque smock dresses, and have got the old Russell & Bromley loafers out as well  as rocking some black wedge heels where now I actually have some height to my 5ft 2 body!). 
I already owned 2 pairs of London Retro glasses (one of which is pictured above), but I decided some new frames were perfect for adding to a fresh new look. 
 photo 2014-08-29075805_zpsa01ca0d8.jpg
I brought these frames from Glasses Direct a year or so ago, I have a pair in tortoiseshell & a pair in black. These are the Fitzrovia frames.  
 photo 2014-08-29075828_zps68a699c1.jpg
I can't remember where I saw the Carnaby frames first, but all I can remember is when I saw them, I knew they had to be mine! These are one of my most recent purchases, and honestly I love them so much. The colour is just amazing, and I think it quite matches my red hair!  
 photo 2014-08-29075857_zpsf146a998.jpg
The Bailey design caught my eye as a sort of cross between geeky specs & 60s fashion. 
I wasn't sure how well these would suit me, but Glasses Direct offer a free second pair, and free returns so I thought I'd give it a go. I've seen other bloggers have a good success with the home trial too, where you can order 4 pairs of glasses to try then send back the ones you don't want. 

London Retro are by far my favourite brand for eyewear… they are statement, yet classic. 
What eyewear brands do you wear? 
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