Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hackney City Farm

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Whilst on my London day out to the The Cornershop, I took huge advantage of being in East London and visited many places including Hackney City Farm.  photo London042_zps4eee3678.jpg
The farm is full of so many gorgeous little quirks! For a Saturday morning, the farm was reasonably busy. I adored the colour scheme … bottle green & mustard yellow is definitely the way forward this autumn!
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The chickens were running around freely, which was lovely especially as the children visiting with their parents around us clearly loved seeing the animals up close! I was particularly impressed with the Chicken Dust Spa! For somebody with an ambition to one day have chickens, it was lovely to see such a nice set up for a local community farm.
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There was a little indoor section which housed some rabbits, guinea pigs & we could hear chicks, but unfortunately couldn't see them!
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Through a gate was an open farm area. All the animals were mixed in together, and was happily grazing! You honestly wouldn't expect East London to have such a pretty, countryside space!
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The farm has a cafe, which seemed very busy & a little farm shop which sold souvenirs as well as locally produced honey & veg!
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I'm so pleased I took the time to visit Hackney City Farm. If you are in East London for the day it is definitely worth stopping by. Overall we were probably on the farm for about thirty minutes. If you have children you could spend a bit longer, and it's definitely worth the up close & personal visit with the animals!

What farms would you recommend?

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