Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Kate Spade, Glitter Rollers, Tea & Macarons

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This summer I've been fairly good at keeping my purse firmly zipped up and the bank cards hidden away… six weeks off work, means a lot of time spent browsing shops online, and days of opportunities to browse shops! 
I thought I'd round up some of the best finds I've got my mitts on this summer. 
First up in very back to school style, I found this Kate Spade bag on ASOS Marketplace. For £30, I was so pleased. When buying designer, I always check eBay, ASOS & Depop first. I've also been told to check out Vinted, not sure what luck anyone else has had before finding on there? I have a few key designer pieces, and I've never paid full price for them so far! Sometimes it's worth the wait! 
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This hat from Urban Outfitters came after seeing Carrie's initial instagram post, then blog post wearing this hat. I've been on search for the perfect hat for ages, and never found anything that suits me. Cue this hat! 
I wore it on my trip down by the river and to see McBusted (it was so handy when it rained ha!). I love it so much, and was the best £24 I've ever paid for headwear, and by far worth the wait to find the perfect hat! 
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Whilst up London the other week, I took a special trip to Covent Garden in pursuit of Laduree Macarons. I tried my first ever macaron at the Blogcademy Mixer Event, and I honestly haven't found a macaron that tastes as good yet! I loved the Laduree macarons, which were £14 for a box of 8. My favourite flavours were salted caramel & ice mint. I think they are definitely worth trying, but my new mission is by Christmas I want to perfect a macaron recipe! 
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After attending the Bloggers Love event earlier this year, I couldn't stop thinking about the Sleep In Rollers we saw there. Unfortunately we couldn't get a sample on the night, but after some searching I found this set for a bargain £10 on eBay! Once in, they look so glamourous… for sleeping! I've only tried them once so far, and curled by hair the wrong way! They were so easy to put in though, and comfy to sleep in … I've slept with velcro & plastic rollers in my hair before, so this was certainly a luxury! 
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Ever since seeing lots of other bloggers go on about how lovely Whittards Instant Tea was, for about a year, I'd been looking to try! On a shopping trip, I found a Whittard's where the instant tea was on 3 for 2! I thought at first £5.50 seemed a lot per tea, but online the photos are deceiving … the tubs are huge! Whittard's also do a taste test where if you don't like a flavour, you can take it back and swap it for another one! The customer service I received in Whittard's was amazing, and more importantly the teas taste amazing. I'll be taking the employee's advice at trying these in baking recipes too! 
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I brought these mugs from Next, after seeing them in their A/W catalogue. The Next home department products are awesome… I already have my house kitted out with a lot of the Sterling Check pieces (I just need the armchair now!). I saw these mugs and had brought them by the afternoon! They're not what I'd normally go for, but they have made a nice change to my vintage/floral mug cabinet! 
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The Vintage Tea Party Year I found for £10 in my local TK Maxx! It is an amazing book, with such glamourous photographs, and unique ideas for hosting the perfect party! 
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This YSL eyeliner I got for free, after spending some pennies off one of my favourite bloggers Depop account! I'd had my eyes on a YSL eyeliner for a while, and so this was a fantastic surprise when this showed up alongside my clothes! 
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I brought this little selection off of a blog sale, and it cost me around a fiver (and included a YSL pencil). The No7 sponges (and most of their accessories) are a good staple in my house. Lipcote I was curious to try as my lipstick never stays put during the day. The samples I got for free, which was great especially as I've always wanted to try Smashbox after hearing so many good reviews on it! 

What have you brought lately? My student loan comes in this week, which I'm excited about to go spending but at the same time, I'm saying goodbye to a monthly pay check for now so am half scared! I'm trying to compile a work/winter wardrobe, and still have some pennies leftover for a KitchenAid! 
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