Thursday, 16 October 2014

Competition Wins ... Spring & Summer

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Over the Spring / Summer period, I didn't end up entering as many competitions as I would have liked, but I must say looking back at this post, and everything I've won, I've definitely been really lucky with what I have won! This sums up April through till September (I think!) ... a few bits are missing, and a few wins haven't arrived yet so will include them in my Xmas round up. 
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One of my more recent wins from the absolute AMAZING Hope and Greenwood ... the packaging was enough for me, but geeeee whizz the treats inside were good! I won the Tuck Box, which rrp is £30 ... the clotted cream fudge was so good, and made me realise, years ago me & my Dad made fudge but thought we'd made it wrong ... we didn't, it's just ours was clotted cream fudge! So now I have my eyes on the Sweets Made Simple cookbook to further my sweet treat making! These cake tins are a treat too!

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I won a competition of twitter which was a 'magnum' of wine ... turns out to be 9 litres of wine, so a huge thank you to Majestic Wine. We have already drunk 4 bottles, but are saving the last 2 for Xmas & New Year! 
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I can't find the link to it, but I won this Olay Sugarberry Razor made by Gillette ... honestly it is a fantastic razor and I wouldn't use another razor again after this! The soap bars leave your skin so soft and it's fab for sensitive skin! 
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I won The Congress Bundle from Phoenix Picturehouse on Twitter. 
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I won some black lace underwear in a Curvy Kate competition. 
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Some tanning goodies from Superdrug's Twitter feed
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I won this Yorkshire Tea box from Harveys Furniture on Twitter as part of their #yorkshireday competition. I was even more chuffed as Yorkshire Tea is my favourite tea! 
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Annabelles Wigs ran a competition on Twitter which I won, where I got to pick any wig or hairpiece from their collection. As a lover of the 1920s and Chicago, I was drawn towards their 1920s themed wigs, but they were a bit too short, so I opted for the 1940s Pin Up Lauren Wig. I have loved blonde hair for as long as I can remember, and it is the only colour my hair just won't go... I think my next purchase will be the Crystal Wig as I love the honey colour! 
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I won tickets to see Tom Jones at the British Summer Time at Hyde Park from Living Social

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A tote bag from Whistle and Bango , I love the design of this! 
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I won these Clean Sheets wipes from animology ... for a long time Cece has been using loads of wonderful products such as the Puppy Love shampoo & Dirty Dawg spray which have been a gods send! Well Clean Sheets were just what we needed for playing in the river or going for muddy walks. They are really thick wipes, and smell lush! Cece loves them! 

Superdrug, Gillette & other brands I've won from!

Do you enter competitions... what have you won recently? 

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  1. You've done so well! I don't really ever enter many comps but I want to start now!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. You should definitely start, I love it! and its lovely winning things too :)

  2. What a fabulous array of items! Congrats on winning one of Annabelle's wigs. I've been coveting a couple of them for as long as I've been a wig wearer. If only the exchange was kinder when Canadians shop in pounds (and if only import charges didn't exist!). I really would like to give their offerings one day though. They're one of sooooo few brands who offer non-uber costume-y vintage inspired wigs, which is a must for hairless vintage loving gals like me. :)

    Enjoy all of your great new treasures, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You need to take a trip to the UK and then get loads :)
      I sure will! Thank you lovely!


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