Friday, 17 October 2014

La La Land

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When I saw Sarah's giveaway, which included some awesome popcult pencils, I had to go and have a snoop over on La La Land : in a very short amount of time I'd spent £50 on tons of awesome goodies! 
First up, the Where does your Garden grow? Necklace ... basically if something has a sunflower on it, I have to buy it as they are my new favourite flower of all time. I just love how huge and bright they are, and sunflowers make such a statement. As soon as my winter wardrobe gets delivered, I'll be pairing this up with many a smock dress!
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These Game of Thrones Temporary Tattoos were next on my list. Roll on next Spring when Game of Thrones returns to our screens (in the mean time, I will still keep attempting to get through the books whilst avoiding buzzfeeds on facebook revealing storylines!) 
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Every girl needs The Notebook especially when Ryan Gosling's beautiful face is on the front. 
I also ordered a ton of Popcult Pencils including the Mean Girls, Clueless, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (ahem Kitten Mittens!) and Life of Brian ones. Of course I'll need to start using pencils now! 
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What are your favourite items from the La La Land website? 
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