Saturday, 4 October 2014

The V&A Museum

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Over the summer, I ticked an item that has been on my bucket list for ages; see Kate Moss' wedding dress at the V&A. I have been to most London museums, but always seem to not get around to seeing the V&A, which is the one I've always wanted to go to!
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After stepping into the V&A ... well it's enormous! Honestly, we did not get around the whole place, as we got their quite late after visiting many other places in London that day (The CornershopHackney City Farm and Dirty Burger to name a few!).
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These photos were from the fashion section... can you tell that the 60s was my favourite?
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& I definitely want that yellow notebook!
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We explored some of the other sections, a lot of pieces were very Game of Thrones -esque. I was mesmerised by the spiral staircase outside below!
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Unfortunately, you could not take any photos or sketches of the dresses in the wedding exhibition, which I thought was a bit unfair especially as in the gift shop, other than the book on the exhibition which had one photo, of each dress, there was no items to buy, so I sort of have this snapshot of Kate's dress in my mind! I would've been happy if they had a postcard of the dress at least!
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The V&A itself was a stunning building. I am definitely going to be visiting again in the near future to have a whole day to look around properly. 

What London museums have you been to? 
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