Saturday, 22 November 2014

A peek into some Boots Christmas Gifts

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 Every year, Boots is always the store that starts off my Christmas shopping (& that's usually in October as soon as the first points events start!). I always end up spending many £££'s in there; this year, I have found so many amazing gifts, which quite honestly the gift guide doesn't do justice, so I thought why not give you the real life photos!
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First up, the food gifts. This year, I'm taking the plunge, and cooking a Christmas dinner on my own.
I've done it before (always however aided with my Dad as sous chef - nobody wants to be stuffing a turkey when you can get someone else to do it!) but this year, it is alone alone. When I was browsing around, I saw The Hairy Bikers Saucy Threesome for £10, and knew I had to have these sauces on my dinner table. The whole Hairy Bikers range is awesome this year; if I ate pies, this pie dish would be next on my list!
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Boots stock a wide range of their own brand products and gifts, and I've always loved their own brands. Gastro Table is a new brand this year, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. I brought their Steak Board with Seasoning for £16.50 and set of Steak Knifes for £14. Judging from last year when I brought a lot of products from Boot's Bistro Bleu range including this cheeseboard, I know how durable Boots gifts are. I love the design of the board (and thought it would make for perfect photo worthy food opportunities!) and the steak knifes ended up being free as part of my 3 for 2s!
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I may have mentioned in yesterdays post, about how gold obsessed I seem to be at the moment. I spotted these No7 Christmas Crackers in the gift guide, and thought to myself 'ooo they look nice, I'll buy a box' ... well folks, when I got to shopping and saw these, I walked away with 3 boxes. They are such a gorgeous colour, and huge! They looked so tiny in the gift guide, but they are pretty much full cracker size, and each contains a mini no7 item. For £14 and on 3 for 2, they are a wonderful beauty addition to your home this Christmas.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm010.jpg
Every year I buy from The Garden Collection. This year they've updated the packaging and I think it looks so much more classic.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm008.jpg
The Mini Indulgence set is £5 and on 3 for 2. I have brought lots of sets for family & friends, and honestly the sizes are really decent this year as the set contains 5 75ml+ items.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm013.jpg
For years I have loved the handcare duos, with stands. Rose is my favourite, and the updated packaging makes it look even prettier this year! Found here for £7.00
 photo OctoberHalfTerm009.jpg
The Royal Jelly Mini Indulgence set is £5, and on 3 for 2, and again fantastic value for money.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm011.jpg
 You know when you have one of those moments where you wish you'd brought something when you'd seen it. Well I had that moment with a certain Bird Candle which I should've nabbed when I saw it, whilst buying these woodland pine cones for £6 for 6. I'm planning a pinterest-esque diy holder for these to go in.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm019.jpg
So this may be the second hand wash/lotion you've seen, however, the Joules Hardworking Hands Skincare Duo I thought was a bargain at £10, and fitted my newly nautical themed bathroom. I picked up the Reap What You Soap set for £8, as I thought it'd be nice to have Joules Christmas soaps for when people are visiting this year.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm020.jpg
I've fallen in love with the Jenny Packham range this year. I've started my collection with the Salonniere Face and Body Balm for £8, and here's hoping a certain Vanity Case & Eye Mask set make it to star gift before Christmas! If not sales shopping it shall be!  photo OctoberHalfTerm021.jpg
That's my round up for the moment. I'm shopping again at Boots for even more gifts this week. A photo album, fragrance and on my list is a certain Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette 
(that may have to be Boots Points being spent though!)
Hopefully you found this little round up useful! If I was to recommend one thing, go buy those no7 crackers, because they really are amazing!
Have you got your eyes on anything from Boots this Christmas?
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