Tuesday, 25 November 2014

lilys kitchen at christmas; festive treats

 photo OctoberHalfTerm026.jpg
Following on from last Thursday's post on the wonderful Lily's Kitchen (read all about it here!) I thought I'd carry on my festivities over on this blog with a selection of goodies from the the Lily's Kitchen Christmas Range.
 photo OctoberHalfTerm027.jpg
We often say we spoil Cece a bit too much... the advent calendar situation this year seems to be we've spent 10 times the amount on an advent calendar for Cece, than the cost of our ones! With packaging like Lily's though, £9.95 was amazing this dog treat advent calendar. 
 photo OctoberHalfTerm028.jpg
When I saw this tin of food, the packaging once again had me sold, so I brought 2! Three Bird Feast sounds nearly as good as a real xmas dinner and at £2.49, a festive dinner for the dog is a bargain!
 photo OctoberHalfTerm029.jpg
Last up, these Turkey & Cranberry festive biscuits which you can pick up for £1.99 at Lily's direct at the moment. For Cat lovers, there is a whole festive cat section too! I'm so pleased I discovered Lily's, as I have cupboards stocked with colourful and natural goodies for Cece! Take a look at the decorations too, this daschund is my favourite!
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