Friday, 26 December 2014

A Boxing Day Walk

 Yesterday the family had all planned to take a leisurely walk with the dog on Christmas Day... well the hectic-ness of Christmas meant we postponed for a day. I was eager to get Cece out of the house and trying one of her new Christmas presents, her tartan dog coat.
 We were quite lucky Boxing Day... a thirty minute walk round the fields, as soon as we got in the rain came!
Playing our game from across the field... where Cece decides who to run to next! I love how her ears go back when she runs!
Above, a shot of my sister who will not let me take photos of her! So I made her laugh & had my paparazzi skills going on!
 Instagram selfie time... I've ordered one of those selfie sticks as being short... my arms are never long enough for the perfect selfie!
We both received the Matalan Alder Hey Charity Scarves for Christmas... my Mother had got this for both me & my sister months ago, and last week was the first time I mentioned I wanted one... I love gifts like that where people know you so well!
Hope you are all having a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day. What have you been up to?
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