Saturday, 20 December 2014

A Lush Christmas Haul

Every time I take a trip up to London, I have to pass through Victoria station, which obviously means a trip to Lush. The other day I purchased an array of goodies, including parts of the Christmas range which I thought I'd share with you today. 
 Stepping Stone Foot Scrub was the impulse buy of the day...walking from Hyde Park, then to Oxford Street, then Chinatown & then East London, my feet needed some major TLC!
I've been reading time and time again on loads of blogs about the Bubblegum Lip Scrub and honestly, it is superb and I keep kicking myself for not buying it sooner after a good few months of contemplation! Never before have I 'scrubbed' my lips, but in a day, I've scrubbed a good 6 times now. I am definitely addicted & now want to try the Mint Julips scrub.
I saw initially,  First Snow Dusting Powder over on Megan's Lush Youtube Video, and immediately wanted to buy it. Talc powder & dusting powders are one of my all time favourites ... and this one sparkles!
The Hottie massage bar, costing £5.95 is made using black pepper & ginger oils, and includes vanilla & cocoa butter. Picking this bar up was tricky enough as it is very slippery! The bar smells delicious... I haven't used it yet, but am hoping it will help ease my very achy back muscles.
P-p-p-pop in a Penguin! The Christmas Penguin is the most adorable, and gorgeous smelling bubble bar I think I've come across this year! I love anything citrus so this is right up my street with lemons & oranges. Discovering Lush Bubble Bars has been a turning point for me, as I absolutely love bubbles, and am constantly living in my bath, and the best bit about the bubble bars is you get a lot of uses out of them (unless your my Dad who one time accidentally destroyed a whole Lush scrub of mine, in one go, not realising you needed a tiny bit!). My Christmas Eve bath is going to be using this for first time!
I am really addicted to anything salt (bath & food wise!) ... Ocean Salt was a complete splurge if I'm being honest as I wouldn't normally pay £7.75 for a small tub of face scrub, compared to my Avon scrub that is my usual go to, but I am in the 'sod it ... it's Christmas!' frame of mind, and honestly, I wasn't disappointed with Ocean Salt. The texture is definitely what I look for in a scrub, and it smells lovely!

I have really been loving Lush this year, I've brought quite a few other pieces from the Christmas range... the Santa Baby lip tint is my Christmas buy every year, other pieces I'm giving as presents so won't be picturing them yet. I did review some more bits and bobs back in June, so you can take a look if you fancy a bit of last minute Christmas shopping for others (or yourself!).

What are your favourite items from Lush? Are there any particular must haves from the Christmas range?
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