Sunday, 14 December 2014

Bettys Christmas Hamper

 I was extremely lucky two weeks ago, as I won a competition on Twitter for a Bettys Christmas Hamper. I had never heard of Bettys before this point, so was intrigued to receive my competition package! Luckily it came ridiculously quick, and I was absolutely amazed by the contents!
 The packaging alone, I find completely divine. I've already used the hat box as my baking box... I don't care that it's Christmas themed, it'll suit all year round!

 The hamper retails for £40 over on the Bettys website. They have a huge selection of absolutely gorgeous gifts. Next year I'll definitely buy hampers from Bettys.

What hampers do you like at Christmas? Have you ever had anything from Bettys before? 
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