Saturday, 6 December 2014

Gift Guide #5 ... for Pets

Today's gift guide, hopefully will leave you with some super ideas on ideas on what to get your pets this Christmas...

✰ The Lily's Kitchen Dinner for Dogs cookbook is top of my list for Cece this year. She has absolutely loved her new stash of Lilys food, and I have always wanted to make her some dinners using fresh foods from scratch.
✰ You know how children (I joke ... adults too of course!) love selection boxes ... you can buy one for your pet too! Lilys have one for dogs & for cats too!
✰ This Alice Tait Great British Dogs Treat Tin is a fabulous way of storing all your dogs treats.
✰ As you may have guessed, I love dressing up my dog ... I'm loving this Christmas Pudding Jumper, and I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect tartan coat/jumper for Cece.
✰ Put together a hamper including Animology's Puppy Love shampoo & pawfect coat shampoo.
✰ For your own baths ... Lush have some fabulous Xmas animal themed bars including The Christmas Penguin & The Christmas Hedgehog.
✰ A festive stocking for your cat...
✰ ... or your dog.
✰ For bird watchers, these animal shaped bird feeders would suit any garden nicely.
✰ Because every dog needs macarons.
✰ I love this set of Fred & Ginger Tennis Balls ... I do wonder how long it would take before they got lost though!
Jolly Moggy Mini Mice to keep cats busy Christmas Day
✰ Or use the Rosewood Gingerbread Cat Teaser.
✰ Buy a new bed to cosy up in this Christmas.

 Cece already has Lily's Kitchen goodies, alongside a certain Monty the Penguin (which she was adamant she was stealing off me whilst I was wrapping it!)
Kate (my hedgehog) has some new rattan goodies to go into her home, the tortoise & axylotls I'm yet to buy for yet, but I'm visiting Pole Hill garden centre later this month, & they never fail to deliver on a wide range of animal gifts.
What are you buying your pets this Christmas?

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