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Happy Mondays: Favourites of 2014

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Is it just me, or has 2014 actually really flown by so fast this year? Today I've done a Happy Mondays round up of the whole year, with posts from my favourite bloggers & shops, that I've kept going back to this year. If you haven't stumbled across some of these blogs before, then grab a cuppa & make yourself comfy!

Blog Posts
All Time Favourites This Year...
Cider with Rosie has been my go to blog this year... there are so many posts by Rosie that I go back and re-read... I feel like I need a printed magazine copy of this blog that can sit in my bedroom alongside my collection of The Simple Things! I loved reading about Rosie's engagement & Edinburgh trip earlier this year, and since I've been eyeing up her Pinterest boards, which have given me lots of inspiration. Adventures with #bodenontheroad were another series which I was in awe with especially the Adventures with River Cottage and the Walk with Johnnie Sprout & Christmas Collection Preview . A post to help with winter blues Five Ways to Keep Your Chin Up During the Winter Months ... number 1 I find the hardest... number 5 the easiest!

Becky Bedbug is another go to favourite for this year. Out of all the bloggers out there, I really truly feel Becky has something so unique with her blog, and such a wide variety of posts. Reading her blog, feels like I'm talking to one of my friends! I also feel like I learn so much from Becky's blog... I don't know if any other bloggers feel that way?From beauty posts such as her Lush Christmas & Halloween roundup to real life posts such as 'On Glamourising Anxiety'  there is always something different to read. I loved reading about Becky & Rich's Florida Wedding (all the Harry Potter-ness!) as well as her England Wedding. I've loved peeking in on the event posts too, especially MCM London Comic Con (even Brad was jealous of that one! We are definitely booking tickets next year!) & Simply Be with Kelly Brook. Most recently Becky's 5 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree I loved... I have a theme for my Christmas celebrations so that Friends moment with the tree, I can definitely relate to!

This outfit post from Carrie has to be one of my favourites, as it has given me the hat which solves all my problems. Never before had I been interested in hats, but this one from Urban Outfitters solves any bad hair day, and if it's windy, I can still take half decent photos! Another American themed post from Carrie which I loved was 'Go Team Go'  ... I have my eye on so many Charlotte Olympia pieces, I love the Hollywood Wedges which are a royal green alternative to the wedges in that post. A post that completely shocked and impressed me was Lets Talk Body Image ... it is worth a read if you haven't found it yet!

♥ Lola from Lola's Little Wonders hosted a LDN Blogger Meet Up in the autumn of this year, which was pretty damn awesome! I loved meeting her, as well as lots of other lovely bloggers, but since I've really fallen in love with her blog even more this year! I've been loving her Trek America build up (find the posts here & here) ... next Summer I am planning on going to America (it's part of my upcoming 24 before 24 list!) so I love seeing other fellow America travellers plans and tips.

♥ I probably am biased picking an outfit post of Sarah's which includes my garden & my pup, but reminders of our sleepover earlier this year was fab, and I love seeing these photos ... Sarah's dress is amazing and I wish I had one! I also loved 7 Ways to Bust Out of a Slump ... this New Year, I've been seeking lots of inspiration for setting goals.

♥ For Pinterest worthy, photography inspiration & all round general loveliness ... Bluebell & Bumpkin is another go to. 24 Things It Is Perfectly Acceptable To Do is a favourite, (hello number one... Love Actually is for all year round!) & Country Cottage Outside pretty much sums up my dream home!

♥ Another daily read over on What Olivia Did ... preparing for a birthday trip to Brighton, her Brighton Guide definitely comes in handy, as there were so many places I didn't realise were in Brighton as well as how I have never realised my all time favourite vintage shop, Snoopers Paradise had a photobooth! Other top picks this year are Top Tips to Working from Home , Meet Maggie (so in love with bloggers dogs this year!) & 5 Minutes with Dawn O Porter .

♥ The first blog I ever read & completely fell in love with was Bleubird blog. This year I was in awe at just how far James' blog had come their Tennessee Commercial I sat and was so impressed with... it is amazing how many opportunities are out there for bloggers. Worn & The Vanity Project were two of my favourite series from this year, and I'm so glad that The 52 Project will be coming back!

♥ Another blogger I love connecting with  since the London Blogger Meet Up is Jasmin Charlotte ... her most recent post JC Reflects 2014 Life Highlights really made me smile! From the archives, I loved reading The Sipsmiths Gin Distillery post.

After attending the London Blogcademy Mixer back in July, I've been sourcing advice from the three Blogcademy headmistresses all year round. Here are some favourites from each..
♥ I've been following Kat's posts on Rock n Roll Bride religiously this year ... both The Green Room & Wedding Related too. 30 Things To Blog About When You Are Feeling Uninspired was a really useful post for me. I can't wait to get my hands on Rock n Roll Bride magazine in January!
♥  From Gala Darling... You Don't Have to Be Perfect to Inspire Others,   100 Ways to Show Yourself Love If You Hate Pink and Bubble Baths (although I do love bubble baths... there are so many unusual ideas in this post... stocking up on my favourite pens is definitely my tip of choice!) & One Day in NYC I have bookmarked, and am definitely going to be taking notes down from in preparation of my trip to America in the summer ... after travelling around Europe in 7 days being a tourist a couple of years back, I'd happily take the challenge of tackling New York in a day!
♥ This year is the first time I've found Shauna's blog, and I spent a morning tracking back through the archives of Nubby Twiglet. Link Love,   The Week in Pictures & Blog Log 
are my favourite series & Stop Playing it Safe provided some very important advice for me, which I'm going to be taking into the new year with me.

♥ My ultimate favourite wedding this year just had to be Stephanie & Sam's Disney wedding over on Stephanie Dreams... without realising it, I regularly kept checking my feeds for more Disney/Wedding/General Loveliness Posts from Stephanie, and the wedding photos are absolutely stunning!
♥ The engagement of the year had to be Carrie's over on Wish Wish Wish. ... just wow!

Ladybird Likes is one to watch this year, and top tip, follow the Instagram page... that's where I brought this absolutely adorable Yorkshire Terrier Porcelain Necklace for an absolute steal at £19!

♥ Jessica from Chronically Vintage runs a fabulous vintage shop on Etsy ... I brought a gorgeous vintage locket earlier this year, and I have my eye on a few pieces for the New Year.
♥ In the new year I am committing myself to three subscriptions. The Simple Things is my first subscription, as I religiously buy that magazine every month and have done for 18 months now... it's time to commit and know that every month, I'll receive a magazine through the post I am head over heels for and can give up searching supermarkets and newsagents for a copy! My second subscription is going to be a very glittery one... The Glitterati from Crown and Glory, a monthly box full of Crown & Glory goodies for £20 a month. After seeing the contents of the December box (and desperately longing for the exclusive Christmas Crown!), I decided a subscription was needed in my life! Last of all, My Little Box ... after seeing some of the November contents, then luckily getting my hands on a box off of eBay (with the most gorgeous espresso cup!), the quality of the contents was enough for me to happily part with £11 a month for a monthly surprise!
♥ Last year, I was gutted that I forgot to purchase myself a Terrific Year Calendar from Veronica Dearly ... this year, I decided to make up for that by not only purchasing a Terrific Year, but brought the Romantic & Business versions too! Its okay to have a triple Terrific Year yes?

♥ As I'm writing this, how the hell have I never watched 'Girls' before... I'm already through Season 1 in 2 days!
♥ Game of Thrones has to be one of the tv shows of the year, and I cannot wait till it returns in Spring. Although I doubt I'll ever attempt the Game of Thrones 'drink every time someone dies' drinking game again... it was messy!
♥ Once has to be another huge discovery this year for me... the mixture of Disney with real life (and a very sexy Captain Hook!)
♥ Re-discovering comedy shows that I love, The Two Ronnies, Mrs Browns Boys & Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

Recently Loving ...
♥ Beccy reviewed 'The Book of Everyone' and I quite literally want to order one for every person in my family!
♥ I have fell in love with Oh Simple Thoughts Blog & the 101 in 1001 is an awesome list.
♥ Everybody needs Happy Mail in their life!
♥ Sarah's post on the Full Moon Urban Retreat she & Jayne hosted ... it looked truly magical!
♥ Jessica's Christmas Day Outfit ... I wish I could look just as spectacular as Jessica does in her vintage clothes!
♥ Lyzi's 11 Alternative New Years Eve Ideas has been superb for ideas this week... we are still undecided over what to do for New Years but we know it will include cocktails, champagne with hibiscus flowers (because I completely forgot them over Christmas!), good food & listening to my new record collection on my record player. There is always such a fuss over New Years! I want to take one of Lyzi's tips, and go for a midnight walk... although I really don't know whether anyone will be setting off fireworks in the countryside!


♥ Watching 'It's a Wonderful Life' and unexpectedly bawling at the ending ... sometimes its easy to forget how many different lives each individual can touch.
♥ My Dad's Christmas Jack Daniels Ham ... I'll happily welcome that again this New Years Day.
♥ Reading some amazing books for blogging inspiration for 2015, which I'll be sharing with you very soon!
♥ Creating my new 24 before 24 list, and realising from my old goals lists, I actually have ticked off many of my goals over the past few years... a skydive, Europe trip, house & puppy later to name a few.
♥ Surviving my first term of teacher training, and being ridiculously scared of the next term in a new school for six weeks.
♥ Snuggles on the sofa with Cece.

& that's my 2014 round off. What have you really loved this 2014? Leave your links and ideas below!
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