Monday, 8 December 2014

Happy Mondays; It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

After a weekend of blogging like crazy, I am back, ready to tackle the festive season with a flurry of posts! To start off the second week of December, a happy mondays full of christmas-ness!

Off t'internet... 
✰ You need to watch Blogcademy Live from Melbourne. ... I've just caught up, and it's well worth a watch!
✰ I loved Olivia's post on Tips for Getting a New Puppy... y'know a dog is not just for Christmas!
✰ Rose's Disneyland Posts: Disneyland Paris Christmas, A Minnie Adventure & Disneyland Parade… all the posts literally made me start checking Eurostar departure times and day trip prices for Paris!
✰ Gala's filofax guide has given me numerous ideas on how to make over my Filofax for the new year... even though I've been carrying it with me every day religiously... I definitely haven't been using it to its full potential... next year I'll be colour coding!
✰ The weekly portraits over on Bleubird are back ... being the first blog I ever read and fell in love with, this series is definitely one of my favourites, and I'm so glad it's back!
✰ I loved reading about these Christmas decorations.
✰ Over on Cider with Rosie, Rosie's post about her date with Kings Road reminded me I need to get down to Chelsea some time this winter.

Festivities on Dear Wildflower
I've had a catch up over on this space, so here's a summary of what has been updated...

A series of gift guides for...
the family
food lovers
his & hers
your bff
book lovers

✰ A review of some festive treats for dogs from Lilys Kitchen.
✰ A summary of Alternative Advent Calendars
✰ A peek at what I've been buying from Boots this year.

Simple Pleasures...
♥ Advent Calendar ; Day 1 - we got stars! (Cece got a biscuit!)
♥ Digging out all my winter jumpers, some vintage gems I'd even forgotten I had!
♥ Christmas food shopping beginning to get delivered ... many boxes of pringles, matchmakers and the liquor cabinet is looking full!
♥ Christmas adverts... especially the John Lewis & Waitrose advert.
♥ Finding a snow globe that I've had since childhood in The Simple Things magazine this December.
♥ Festive songs... and tracking them down on vinyl. Including a Chas & Dave Christmas!
♥ Continual family laughter, even when times are tough.
♥ Getting confirmation of renewing the lease ... hello new furniture & Sky TV.
♥ Hot Chocolate
♥ Making paper chains
♥ Surviving observations at work
♥ Watching back to back episodes of the Food Network.

✰ On my to do list this month is to go on the Paddington Trail … I did find a few Paddingtons last time I visited London with my Mum & sister, but I am on a mission to see all 50, with the Kate Moss gold bear being top of my list!

What festivities have you been enjoying so far?
Are there any Christmas blog posts that you keep going back to this Christmas? 

Also check out my 1st of 5 giveaways on the blog this Christmas … the DIY giveaway went live today! You could win Mollie Makes Christmas alongside crafty christmas surprises.

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