Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Lancôme Skincare

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 As soon as the clocks turn back and winter creeps up, my skin definitely begins to change and suffer the bitter coldness. I find myself taking much more care of my skin in the winter months than any other time of the year.
Today I am sharing some of my favourite picks from the Lancôme range that I use. First up, my ultimate flaw has to be dark circles under my eyes. I feel so ridiculously conscious continually; Genifique Yeux Advanced Eye Cream works wonders at reducing dark circles, and from the moment I swipe on the cream, I instantly feel it working. I'll sometimes use the Genifique Day Cream, however I don't feel I reap the full effects of this, but considering it's 'youth activating' and I'm only 22, I can see why, so maybe in thirty years time, I can get back to you on that! Personally, I see much better effects with the Visionnaire Cream, alongside the Visionnaire Skin Corrector  my skin feels smoother, and an even tone. I tend to use Dreamtone the most, especially underneath make up, as my skin is quite blotchy in places at times. I'm very particular about wanting to have skin that is one basic even colour. Although the prices of Lancôme are premium brand prices, compared to the wide variety of other items I've tried before, nothing compares when it comes to facial creams.
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This next section could be labelled 'empties' as I often plough through these products quite quickly! Bi-Facil is the only make up remover that will wipe away the most permanent of eyeliners and mascaras, and prevents panda eyes ... an absolute godsend! The Genifique Concentrate is another product ... instantly works. My skin always feels instantaneously tighter after applying. I can't comment on whether it works on wrinkles, but it is an award winning, popular product, and I'd highly recommend you go to a counter and try it out, because you will feel the difference! Another bright blue liquid... Tonique Douceur for skin toning. My wonder body cream product has to be Nutrix Royal Body which is such a lovely, non greasy body cream. It has even helped my Dad with his Psoriasis... it is that wonderous!
Other Lancôme favourites include Miracle perfume (I'm not just all for new fragrances you know!), the Exfoliance Clarte which is yet another blue, facial scrub & Artliner & Hypnose are the only eye make up pieces I use to create 60s-esque cat eyes.
On my Christmas list this year, the Madame Tulipe Nail Colour is the perfect matte dark red nail colour, to get my nails in the festive spirit.
My New Years resolution is to spend more time getting ready in the mornings, and create a skincare & make up routine.  Hopefully I'll be able to share it with you in the next few months!
Do you use any products from Lancôme or other premium brands? What do you use & how effective are they?
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