Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Treats from Lakeland

In preparation for hosting my first ever Christmas in my house, I decided on Black Friday to treat myself to an order with Lakeland. A couple of the items were on my 'to buy list' for quite some time, but Black Friday was good to me with Lakeland, and I got some real bargains...
 I brought this large roasting tin from the Vintage Enamel Range. The rrp is £32, and I paid £16.49 for it which was an absolute bargain in my eyes! I'd had my eye on this since spring, but couldn't justify spending £32 on a tin (even if it did match my whole kitchen!) I do wish I'd of brought it sooner, as the tin is thick, and very good quality.
 Even though I feel rushed off my feet, I'm hoping with the break from school on Friday, I'll have some time to make some gingerbread and chocolate festive houses with this Fairytale Village Mould. I was considering buying the larger cottage mould version of this, but quite liked the design of this mould. At £11.99, I'm sure I'll be making foodie gifts with this for years to come and for an array of different occasions.
 More tins! I've brought the Traditional Enamel Pie Dish range as a gift this Christmas, and they are still on offer now as Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price. Personally ranging between £1-5 I think they are really good value anyway, but even cheaper with the offer!
 I've wanted to try these Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup for ages, but couldn't justify spending £9.99 on just myself. Being the host this Xmas & New Year... I had a reason to buy them!
 I had a voucher code which got me this hemisphere mould for free! I'm not quite sure what I'd use it for yet (as no one I know likes Christmas pudding!) but I'm sure it'll come in handy cake making some day!
 This Magic Non-Stick Liner has one purpose ... I will be making macarons as good as the posh cafes in 2015. I already have a book full of recipes to try out with this liner.
This Pinwheel Cutter was on offer at around £2, so I thought I'd purchase it and have a go at making some canapés this New Years Eve. Any suggestions of recipes would be most welcome!
& finally some Romney's Kendal Mint Cake & Gold Cake Cases. I've been collecting festive-y cake cases this Christmas. The ones pictured in the top are for large cakes and went into the black Friday sale, and I paid full price for the cupcake ones.
Kendal Mint Cake, I treated myself to (but am saving for Christmas Day onwards) as it is something I absolutely love but never come across anymore!

I am so delighted with my Lakeland order! I definitely would not hesitate to order from them again!
Hopefully in my next order, I'll have racked up enough cash for a Kitchenaid! One can dream!

What cookware items are on your 'need' list this Christmas?
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