Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Book Club

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham.
Obviously the blogger favourite from 2014 I would say. When I find a book I love, I know I love it because it takes me a very little time to read... this was started Boxing Day afternoon and finished the following morning. I was so engrossed in parts of the book, and although there were parts which I really found it hard to relate to, I found myself starting a new chapter and forgetting about the other parts. Lena Dunham is definitely my woman hero for the year so far, and after binge-watching Girls on Sky Box Sets, & then being overjoyed at the new series just starting, I have a feeling she'll be staying top of my list for a pretty long time.
The Everygirl's Guide to Life by Maria Menounos
As a lover of organisational books, Maria's book appealed to me from the front cover, title & reading the first few pages on Amazon. Unfortunatley, for me the rest of the book really didn't live up to the expectations I had based on this & the reviews on Amazon. Generally I felt the advice found in the book could be found by following bloggers who write about organisation in specific subjects. The positives lay with the 'Top Tips' down the side of the page.. there just wasn't enough to leave me writing pages of notes to implement into my life. 
Get Rich Blogging by Zoe Griffin.
After reading a post on blogging books to buy, whilst browsing on Amazon, 'Get Rich Blogging' came up in my recommended list. I paid about £7 for the book, and didn't expect too much, but from a non-profit view, there was actually so much useful information from explaining to a complete amateur what self hosting is, to guidelines and tips for successful blogging. The most useful bit for those looking to make a profit from their blog... at the back was themed sections, such as beauty, fashion & more... and in these sections was a whole list of PR contacts with each PRs specialism. This is a book I'll be re-reading and taking some notes from, and definitely worth a read whether you've been blogging 3 days or 3 years. 

The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte
After recommendations from friends & after reading many rave reviews online, I brought The Desire Map. I read it in a morning, and loved  the positivity of the book and the choices it allowed you to make. Overall I preferred filling out the worksheets to the reading of the book. I don't know if anybody else had this experience, but I think being a kinaesthetic learner, actually doing something made the process more enjoyable and engaging for myself.

Everything I Know by Paul Jarvis
After reading a guide on another blog, I went away knowing Paul Jarvis was an author I needed to read up on. 'Everything I Know' is full of fantastic tips, and I can't wait to get started on another book from Jarvis soon.

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz
The Body Book is a stripped back, basic resource for learning about a healthy diet and fitness. The book is very scientific, and personally I didn't find out too much new from it, only because as an avid magazine reader, and taking books from the library on health & diet... I knew a lot already. As a general wellbeing book, it is worth a read.
February, I'm going to get cracking on Game of Thrones, as well as going through a few more health and fitness books, which I'll be sharing in a couple of days, which have been very worthwhile reading!
What are you currently reading?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Getting Organised for 2015

There is never an excuse to not buy new stationery, and with a new year just beginning, I thought I'd share my top picks for stationery that is getting me through 2015...

Rifle Paper Co design the most quaint, gorgeous floral stationery I think I may have ever laid my eyes upon. When I first started teacher training last September, I took a trip to Waterstones and found this appointment calendar. I rather stupidly left without buying it, then could not get it out of my head alongside forgetting what the brand name was... I went back the next week to buy this calendar. I've already allocated it for planning blog posts on and noting main events. Each month has a different floral design (Spring is a stunner!) for the header, and the appointments list down the right hand side is handy for noting any key appointments & events.
As you will see by the end of this post, I actually have quite a few calendars this year. With multiple schedules for different aspects of daily life, I'm quite looking forward to separating everything this year! Thomas Kinkade is a fabulous artist, and I purchased his Disney calendar in the small size to hang in my kitchen.
When I was younger I used to look up to my Mum who always had her Filofax with her and always want her organisational skills alongside all the fancy inserts she had to go with it! At Primary school, I had a slimline Filofax, then later on I had an A5 Red Filofax which went missing.
I found this Brown Leather Filofax on eBay a year ago, and this year I really want to give it a spruce up and re-organise it! I've already started customising the inside key pages with washi tape... any further tips tweet me or comment to let me know, as it would be much appreciated!
I have been a lover of Gil Elvgren for years, and I honestly did not go sale shopping with the intention of buying another calendar, but TK Maxx had reduced this daily calendar to £3 so I snapped it up, simply for all the illustrations inside. Each page has a different Pin Up design, so I'm intending on keeping my favourites for collaging & hair/beauty/fashion inspiration.
The best tenner I spent before Christmas was on the One Line A Day Journal. I gifted this too (the blue version), and it was also a much appreciated gift. As a little girl, I constantly tried and failed at keeping a daily diary. Then I'd give up and after that, I'd feel irritated because I'd live in fear forgetting things that had happened in my life (even though as a child my main concerns were generally The Lizzie McGuire Show, Pok√©mon, The Sims and riding around the block in circles on my bike... not much to really record!). Enter the One Line a Day Journal to solve my problems...
Every day you write a couple of lines. I brought the 'Living Well' edition of the journal, simply for the colour, but the prompts (pictured below) do help on the odd day where I don't quite know what to write! I'm only 17 days in at the moment, but even looking back on those days are quite nice (12 days ago, I was nervous about my new placement... now that seems a distant memory in less than 2 weeks!)
I'm quite intrigued to reflect over the five years, what I was up to, thinking and feeling this time the year before. I'll be sharing snippets over on my Instagram and occasionally here!
Whilst sale shopping, and on the hunt for Rock n Roll Bride magazine in WHSmiths, I came across the Katrina range. I brought the pencil case (pictured above), magazine file and folder. Florals mixed with black, makes professionally spring perfection.
The Terrific Project is a year project created by Veronica Dearly. Last year I was gutted when the wall calendar sold out I think probably a week before I discovered it! It was ready as a to do in my Filofax for December to get myself a calendar this year...
 & instead of getting one calendar, I brought three... The Terrific Year, The Romantic Year, and the Business Year Calendars.
I love the A3 Wall Planners ... I have one in my kitchen, one on the stairs, and one in my bedroom. I literally walk past all three countless times a day, so I have no chance of forgetting!
You can buy your Terrific Project supplies here.   I personally love the A3 calendars, but the flip calendars would be perfect for those limited on space, or fancy something a little different.
I'm sharing where I remember to photograph over on Instagram & Twitter using #theterrificproject hashtag. I'm hoping to share some of my Terrific Project tasks in my Happy Mondays posts. If you have any of the calendars, send me a link to follow you on, as I've been searching the hashtag finding like minded lovelies to follow along with!

& that's a wrap to my stationary for the New Year. It has to be recognized I have a silly amount of calendars now, not to mention the My Little Box calendar I received... each however are clear and for sole purposes!
What are your stationery must haves this year?

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crown & Glory Glitterati : January Box

Another box I decided to subscribe to this new year was the Glitterati by Crown & Glory. £20 out of my budget every month to receive a box full of surprise sparkly, floral and all round amazing goodies was top of my list! I've brought Crown & Glory pieces for a couple of years, and pieces are popular amongst my family & friends too (the red sparkly ears I received at the Blogcademy Mixer my sister very discreetly re-homed to herself!), so I joined knowing there would be pieces that could make useful gifts if something didn't suit me too! I was so pleased when my January box came through the door earlier this week, beautifully packaged with silver glitter tape!
I received the Purple Jewelled Ribbon Band (rrp £25) in my box. I absolutely love the colour, but as of yet cannot find a way to style it with my hair to make it suit me! I've seen some lovely colours on other Glitterati subscribers Instagrams and on the Facebook group!
An early spring ready surprise in the form of the Not a Lotta Rosie Bobby Pins (rrp £5). I've become quite obsessed with 60s hair recently, and keep excessively spraying Pixie Lotts Batiste into my hair adding volume... when I found these at the bottom of my Glitterati box, I knew a floral beehive was on the cards!
I also received the Glitter Snap Clips (rrp £5) in Red... again I tried these out in my hair, and they didn't quite suit me, even though the colour literally matches my nails, lipstick and new coat!

The Glitter Scallop Crown is a very 60s-esque headpiece... the colour wasn't what I was searching for, but a very useful part of the Glitterati is the swap shop in the Facebook group, where fellow Glitterati subscribers can post snaps of their unwanted pieces & arrange swaps for something new to love... I've swapped this item for a baby pink version of my favourite piece in this months box... 

The Marabou Feather Headband (rrp £15). This headband reminds me ridiculously of Smurfette, and when I saw the other colours, I knew a collection was about to begin. If I could I'd add feathers to everything!
Even though are a few pieces this month I'm not keeping, I'm still so pleased I signed up to the Glitterati. Through the Facebook group, I've bagged myself a new favourite headpiece as well as being part of a positive group of fabulous ladies who consistently update the group with snaps of themselves wearing their favourite pieces, sharing blog posts & videos of their unboxing's. I've found a few wonderful new blogs just from signing up! On top of that, I love receiving post, especially when it's a surprise, and £20 is an absolute bargain, I'm only kicking myself that I didn't join sooner, especially after seeing the December box contents! 

What Glitterati pieces have you received this month, or in previous months? 

Friday, 16 January 2015

My Little Box : My Little Energy Box

Say hello to this months My Little Box... My Little Energy Box. After a few months of deliberating a subscription, falling in love with the November box and buying one off of eBay (mainly for this mini espresso mug ) I knew the new year meant a new subscription box for me, and my first official box certainly has not disappointed after falling on my doorstep this very morning!
 A mini motivation poster... although it is 'sport themed' I actually quite like the idea of Happy New Energy applying to a variety of meanings.
 The 6th calendar to make its way into my house... inside there are lots of amazing designs for each month. I'm deliberating what to theme this calendar!
 Inside the dotty bag (pictured below), was three beauty items. A Nails Inc Full Size Polish in Tate, Talika moisturiser & a bright energizing face & body mist.
 I love any type of magazine, and the My Little World magazine was a fabulous read. Along the theme of New Year New You, there was interviews and articles from a history of trainers to a dainty illustrated workout guide, which looks more like a work of quirky art!
There was also a gym bag included in the box, with the triangle design on and this card was wrapped around it. The material of the bag just would not photograph properly (darn winter nights!) but I quite liked the quote on the card... It really is time to stop making excusing and Let's Go!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! Whether you stayed in, went out, watched Jools Holland or fell asleep by 10pm, I hope you all had a cracking night! I thought I'd post some photos of how yesterday was spent!

Last bath of 2014! I took the opportunity to use some of my Lush treats, including the Christmas Penguin! My sister brought me some really cute heart shaped bath bombs too, & I chucked a blue one in, and the water underneath all the bubbles was a gorgeous shade of blue!  
 For Christmas, Brad brought me a set of mini champagne mixes. It was one of my best gifts, mainly as I love Kir Royal, and I was on a hunt to find it before Christmas, and no where had it (Aldi used to be my go to for that drink!) I'm not the biggest fan of champagne on its own, or wine really, but the fruiter a drink, the better so this selection suits me down to a T!
 I had brought some Hibiscus flowers from Lakeland, intending to use them Christmas Day (& then proceeded to forget!) so they made their debut! The raspberry & rhubarb syrup they are soaked in tastes delicious!
 Awkward, 1/2 make up shot!
 The sequins were part of my outfit, from a H&M skirt I brought back in April. I decided to wear something I'd never worn before this New Years!

 We headed out late afternoon. I wrapped up in my Nan's vintage fur coat, and a vintage denim shirt over my outfit. Our plan was to watch the fireworks at midnight, so I needed to be wrapped up, as last new year, I had no coat, and after walking from Charing Cross to London Bridge due to road closures last year, I was not risking a repeat of the year before!
 Last meal of 2014, courtesy of Wetherspoons! It was so damn delicious too!
 We opted to go to Rubys in Dalston for our New Years celebrations. It was relatively quiet for the first few hours, but we chilled with friends having a laugh! The above drink was 'Pat's Punch'!
 We left around half ten, to catch a bus into central London for the fireworks. It was way busy, but we got to London Bridge with the intention of getting to Greenwich... that failed as we missed a train by 30 seconds but actually watching the fireworks by London Bridge, and the Shard light up (it said 2015 on the Shard... my camera couldn't quite capture it properly!) was a nice experience!

Overall, New Years Eve was quite the success this year! How did you spend your New Year?
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