Saturday, 17 January 2015

Crown & Glory Glitterati : January Box

Another box I decided to subscribe to this new year was the Glitterati by Crown & Glory. £20 out of my budget every month to receive a box full of surprise sparkly, floral and all round amazing goodies was top of my list! I've brought Crown & Glory pieces for a couple of years, and pieces are popular amongst my family & friends too (the red sparkly ears I received at the Blogcademy Mixer my sister very discreetly re-homed to herself!), so I joined knowing there would be pieces that could make useful gifts if something didn't suit me too! I was so pleased when my January box came through the door earlier this week, beautifully packaged with silver glitter tape!
I received the Purple Jewelled Ribbon Band (rrp £25) in my box. I absolutely love the colour, but as of yet cannot find a way to style it with my hair to make it suit me! I've seen some lovely colours on other Glitterati subscribers Instagrams and on the Facebook group!
An early spring ready surprise in the form of the Not a Lotta Rosie Bobby Pins (rrp £5). I've become quite obsessed with 60s hair recently, and keep excessively spraying Pixie Lotts Batiste into my hair adding volume... when I found these at the bottom of my Glitterati box, I knew a floral beehive was on the cards!
I also received the Glitter Snap Clips (rrp £5) in Red... again I tried these out in my hair, and they didn't quite suit me, even though the colour literally matches my nails, lipstick and new coat!

The Glitter Scallop Crown is a very 60s-esque headpiece... the colour wasn't what I was searching for, but a very useful part of the Glitterati is the swap shop in the Facebook group, where fellow Glitterati subscribers can post snaps of their unwanted pieces & arrange swaps for something new to love... I've swapped this item for a baby pink version of my favourite piece in this months box... 

The Marabou Feather Headband (rrp £15). This headband reminds me ridiculously of Smurfette, and when I saw the other colours, I knew a collection was about to begin. If I could I'd add feathers to everything!
Even though are a few pieces this month I'm not keeping, I'm still so pleased I signed up to the Glitterati. Through the Facebook group, I've bagged myself a new favourite headpiece as well as being part of a positive group of fabulous ladies who consistently update the group with snaps of themselves wearing their favourite pieces, sharing blog posts & videos of their unboxing's. I've found a few wonderful new blogs just from signing up! On top of that, I love receiving post, especially when it's a surprise, and £20 is an absolute bargain, I'm only kicking myself that I didn't join sooner, especially after seeing the December box contents! 

What Glitterati pieces have you received this month, or in previous months? 
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