Sunday, 18 January 2015

Getting Organised for 2015

There is never an excuse to not buy new stationery, and with a new year just beginning, I thought I'd share my top picks for stationery that is getting me through 2015...

Rifle Paper Co design the most quaint, gorgeous floral stationery I think I may have ever laid my eyes upon. When I first started teacher training last September, I took a trip to Waterstones and found this appointment calendar. I rather stupidly left without buying it, then could not get it out of my head alongside forgetting what the brand name was... I went back the next week to buy this calendar. I've already allocated it for planning blog posts on and noting main events. Each month has a different floral design (Spring is a stunner!) for the header, and the appointments list down the right hand side is handy for noting any key appointments & events.
As you will see by the end of this post, I actually have quite a few calendars this year. With multiple schedules for different aspects of daily life, I'm quite looking forward to separating everything this year! Thomas Kinkade is a fabulous artist, and I purchased his Disney calendar in the small size to hang in my kitchen.
When I was younger I used to look up to my Mum who always had her Filofax with her and always want her organisational skills alongside all the fancy inserts she had to go with it! At Primary school, I had a slimline Filofax, then later on I had an A5 Red Filofax which went missing.
I found this Brown Leather Filofax on eBay a year ago, and this year I really want to give it a spruce up and re-organise it! I've already started customising the inside key pages with washi tape... any further tips tweet me or comment to let me know, as it would be much appreciated!
I have been a lover of Gil Elvgren for years, and I honestly did not go sale shopping with the intention of buying another calendar, but TK Maxx had reduced this daily calendar to £3 so I snapped it up, simply for all the illustrations inside. Each page has a different Pin Up design, so I'm intending on keeping my favourites for collaging & hair/beauty/fashion inspiration.
The best tenner I spent before Christmas was on the One Line A Day Journal. I gifted this too (the blue version), and it was also a much appreciated gift. As a little girl, I constantly tried and failed at keeping a daily diary. Then I'd give up and after that, I'd feel irritated because I'd live in fear forgetting things that had happened in my life (even though as a child my main concerns were generally The Lizzie McGuire Show, Pok√©mon, The Sims and riding around the block in circles on my bike... not much to really record!). Enter the One Line a Day Journal to solve my problems...
Every day you write a couple of lines. I brought the 'Living Well' edition of the journal, simply for the colour, but the prompts (pictured below) do help on the odd day where I don't quite know what to write! I'm only 17 days in at the moment, but even looking back on those days are quite nice (12 days ago, I was nervous about my new placement... now that seems a distant memory in less than 2 weeks!)
I'm quite intrigued to reflect over the five years, what I was up to, thinking and feeling this time the year before. I'll be sharing snippets over on my Instagram and occasionally here!
Whilst sale shopping, and on the hunt for Rock n Roll Bride magazine in WHSmiths, I came across the Katrina range. I brought the pencil case (pictured above), magazine file and folder. Florals mixed with black, makes professionally spring perfection.
The Terrific Project is a year project created by Veronica Dearly. Last year I was gutted when the wall calendar sold out I think probably a week before I discovered it! It was ready as a to do in my Filofax for December to get myself a calendar this year...
 & instead of getting one calendar, I brought three... The Terrific Year, The Romantic Year, and the Business Year Calendars.
I love the A3 Wall Planners ... I have one in my kitchen, one on the stairs, and one in my bedroom. I literally walk past all three countless times a day, so I have no chance of forgetting!
You can buy your Terrific Project supplies here.   I personally love the A3 calendars, but the flip calendars would be perfect for those limited on space, or fancy something a little different.
I'm sharing where I remember to photograph over on Instagram & Twitter using #theterrificproject hashtag. I'm hoping to share some of my Terrific Project tasks in my Happy Mondays posts. If you have any of the calendars, send me a link to follow you on, as I've been searching the hashtag finding like minded lovelies to follow along with!

& that's a wrap to my stationary for the New Year. It has to be recognized I have a silly amount of calendars now, not to mention the My Little Box calendar I received... each however are clear and for sole purposes!
What are your stationery must haves this year?
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