Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! Whether you stayed in, went out, watched Jools Holland or fell asleep by 10pm, I hope you all had a cracking night! I thought I'd post some photos of how yesterday was spent!

Last bath of 2014! I took the opportunity to use some of my Lush treats, including the Christmas Penguin! My sister brought me some really cute heart shaped bath bombs too, & I chucked a blue one in, and the water underneath all the bubbles was a gorgeous shade of blue!  
 For Christmas, Brad brought me a set of mini champagne mixes. It was one of my best gifts, mainly as I love Kir Royal, and I was on a hunt to find it before Christmas, and no where had it (Aldi used to be my go to for that drink!) I'm not the biggest fan of champagne on its own, or wine really, but the fruiter a drink, the better so this selection suits me down to a T!
 I had brought some Hibiscus flowers from Lakeland, intending to use them Christmas Day (& then proceeded to forget!) so they made their debut! The raspberry & rhubarb syrup they are soaked in tastes delicious!
 Awkward, 1/2 make up shot!
 The sequins were part of my outfit, from a H&M skirt I brought back in April. I decided to wear something I'd never worn before this New Years!

 We headed out late afternoon. I wrapped up in my Nan's vintage fur coat, and a vintage denim shirt over my outfit. Our plan was to watch the fireworks at midnight, so I needed to be wrapped up, as last new year, I had no coat, and after walking from Charing Cross to London Bridge due to road closures last year, I was not risking a repeat of the year before!
 Last meal of 2014, courtesy of Wetherspoons! It was so damn delicious too!
 We opted to go to Rubys in Dalston for our New Years celebrations. It was relatively quiet for the first few hours, but we chilled with friends having a laugh! The above drink was 'Pat's Punch'!
 We left around half ten, to catch a bus into central London for the fireworks. It was way busy, but we got to London Bridge with the intention of getting to Greenwich... that failed as we missed a train by 30 seconds but actually watching the fireworks by London Bridge, and the Shard light up (it said 2015 on the Shard... my camera couldn't quite capture it properly!) was a nice experience!

Overall, New Years Eve was quite the success this year! How did you spend your New Year?
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