Saturday, 14 February 2015

14 Alternative Date Ideas for Valentines Day

First up, Happy Valentine's Day folks! The above snap is the wonderful Veronica Dearly valentines card which came with my Crown and Glory Glitterati box this month. I love it!

Today I thought I'd do a round up of some alternative ways you could spend your valentines today. My list includes many features of what I will most certainly be doing this valentines day, and you don't even have to do them with your partner... you could do these things on your own, with your best girls or with family. Spreading some love on valentines doesn't have to be your conventional commercial stuff! Personally I could not stand to go to a packed cinema or restaurant, and would much prefer casual, quiet activities for valentines.

1. Make your favourite drinks ... I'm a huge lover of cocktails, and still have an overflowing liquor cabinet from Christmas. Alongside this, homebrewed rose petal wine and I've ordered some bottles of Babycham ... we love drinking 'the happiest drink in the world' in our house!
2. Get a new tattoo ... and I'm not suggesting matching ones here, but why not spend valentines add some new ink for yourself to love onto your body.
3. A country walk ... this is one Cece will be in on, as I'll be taking an early morning walk to a local nature reserve, and even perhaps some hill climbing in my wellies!
4. A drink in the pub ... preferably with an open fire, blankets on chairs and a lunch to match.
5. Make a mixtape ... old school style or listen to records on the record player, blast some tunes through the speakers. For us, we don't do romantic, but more cheesy (awkward!)
6. Practice some self love... have a read through some self love blogs, sign up to a course ... Sarah's Romance Yourself fits perfectly for this post ... her weekly love letters have a way of completely transforming my week and leave me feeling so much better about everything, and Romance Yourself provides even more self love to help you start your own adventures in loving yourself.
7. A board game marathon... whether it's Monopoly, Scrabble or drinking games galore, board games are guaranteed happiness.
8. Complete a puzzle.
9. Settle down with a good book... and I'll whole heartedly recommend Hector and the Search for Love.
10. Or a good magazine ... I've ordered myself Rock n Roll Bride Magazine 3 (after falling for the new edition brought out in WHSmiths!) and February's issue of The Simple Things.
11. Sofa lounging with Netflix ... on my to watch list for valentines, would be PS I Love You, Love Actually, The Notebook and for a cartoon watch, A Charlie Brown Valentine.
12. Adopt an animal ... welcome some new furry (or scaly) goodness into your life! In Milton Keynes there'll be cat and rabbit speed dating!  If only I lived closer!
13. Start saying 'Yes Chef'... and whip up a fancy meal right from the comfort of your own home. Whether you cave in to an M&S Meal Deal, or start from scratch or click through to Just Eat it's definitely worth going the extra mile for a special meal. (& note, I would so do this even if I was single!)
14. Build an indoor fort ... with blankets and tons of pillows and stay in there all day long... my actual idea of heaven if I'm being honest!

As it's the holidays, I'll be ticking each of these off of my list at some point this week. I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day and weekend, whether you're going out or staying in!

What're you up to this Valentines? :)
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