Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Book Club inc Love Tanya & Hector and The Search for Love.

Love Tanya by Tanya Burr
Welcome back to another book club. This month I've done reasonably well with my reading ... being ill for a few days certainly means grabbing for a book rather than the laptop, and a mug of hot orange to go with it.
I ordered Love Tanya on a bit of a whim... I'm not a fan of Youtube videos, I've tried my hardest to watch all my favourite bloggers uploads, but I switch off half the time. I have however followed Tanya's blog for a long time, and after seeing a flurry of instagram and tweets about the book, and for a reasonable price, I popped through an order over on Amazon, and the next day, sat down to have a read.
 I found Love Tanya a really enjoyable read. I felt like I was reading a selection of my favourite blog posts in one book, and loved going back to. As a non-follower of the youtube side of Tanya, and other famous youtuber friends of hers, it was quite lovely being able to read about it.
 I loved all the photography in the book too, from the styled shoots to personal photography. For those who love to bake, there are some yummy recipes, for make up lovers; useful tutorials. I don't normally hold onto books I read, but this one is staying firmly on the shelf.
 Hector and the Secrets of Love by Francois Lelord.
After reading Hector and the Search for Happiness, and being knocked sideways by such a heartfelt, amazing story, the next two books in the sequel were firmly on my Christmas list. The book certainly does not disappoint, and again is so fantastically written like the last. I cannot wait for the film (which is out now, but I'll be receiving for my birthday). It's a perfect valentines read. Now to read Hector and the Search for Time!
 Vintage Tea Party by Carolyn Caldicott
This was a library impulse which I checked out for inspiration for my birthday. The book had such a dainty cover that I couldn't help but check it out. Unfortunately for myself not a lot of recipes were appealing (I had to say goodbye to cucumber sandwiches) but for anyone looking for a proper traditional tea party, it'd be worth a read. 

The Cottage Garden by Charlie Ryrie
This was a library rental, as we are staying in our home for another year, this year I really want to get on top of the gardening. This book was so informative and easy to read for an amateur gardener.
What books have you been reading this month? 

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