Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Daytripper; Wandering around Greenwich & The Cutty Sark

Prior to attending the Game of Thrones Exhibition, with Greenwich being on my parents doorstep (near enough!), a stroll around Greenwich was much needed. At 11am it felt a lot like a ghost town, so for future, I'm definitely looking up when the market is on, but the short thirty minutes spent having an amble were very enjoyable.
A quirky little shop in the market area (which was closed - probably a good thing as I'd of brought half the shop!)

I can barely remember the last time I went and saw the Cutty Sark. It really is quite magnificent to look at, and next time when I'm not on a time limit, I'm going to be sure to go in and have a look around.

From the side of the river you could see some views of London... hello Canary Wharf...
... and the Shard in the very far distance!

When I was younger I used to visit Greenwich an awful lot to see to some rather annoying braces I had... I had a nannying job in Greenwich, then when I went to uni, and opted to travel by bus, I used to pass Greenwich most days. On my to do list this summer, will be visiting Greenwich Park, and the museums and market, as most of these I've never done!

Where are your favourite Greenwich hotspots?
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