Monday, 23 February 2015

happy mondays; choose happiness

If you are a #theterrificproject follower, and have a calendar, you may notice today's prompt is 'choose happiness'. Today is probably one of the worst days ever for me to choose happiness, due to different stresses and happenings right now, which is annoying as tomorrow is my birthday, and I envisioned at the start of the year February being the most awesome month ever... note to self; stop putting pressure on things!

Anyway, instead I'm looking forward, counting down in a positive way, and have taken steps to choose happiness.
This includes contacting old friends, a lot of baking with my new Snoopy cupcake cases and a wonderful birthday gift full of a range of cakes and spending time with family, and an upcoming make up spree, alongside buying the most perfect mothers day gift I've thought of in years.

Have a wonderful week folks, and choose happiness!
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