Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lancome Vernis in Love; Madame Tulipe

Say hello to my all time favourite nail polish to date; Lancôme Vernis in Love; Madame Tulipe.
My love of this shade started back in 2014... I spotted my mother wearing the colour, and instantly recognised it as the shade of red I'd been looking for to match all my red lipsticks.
I waited, and waited and for Christmas received the nail polish. I haven't worn a different shade since Christmas.
 Funny little (probably pointless!) story; one evening after re-painting my nails, I left the bottle on the kitchen side. Thinking to myself 'I won't leave that there' picked it up, and dropped it, and it smashed; so in statement red nail varnish addict fashion, I went and brought 3 more bottles so I knew I'd be well stocked in case it ever went out of production. The message here... this nail polish is amazing.
The colour is such a rich red, and was perfect for Valentines. At £13, I'd recommend anyone searching for the perfect red, give this a try!
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