Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lily's Kitchen Dinner for Dogs

One of Cece's Christmas presents this year was Lily's Kitchen Dinner for Dogs. After becoming a Lilys convert last year, we wanted to look into providing even more nutrition for Cece. Home cooked dog food, when allocated properly can be so nutritious for dogs. I honestly never realised dogs could eat proper meals as we normally do, and only went by what pet shops offer with lumps of frozen meat. My eyes have been well and truly opened after reading this book!

The book is full of colourful illustrations. There are many informative pages at the beginning with different fruits and vegetables that your pooch can eat.

There are lots of top tips throughout the book aswell.

 Currently we have cooked Cece the porridge and smoothie recipes. For the holidays we have planned to cook her Lamb Cupcakes, alongside the Chicken Stew recipe ... which I can actually double up on and alter ever so slightly for myself to eat!

You can purchase the book from Amazon or from Lily's Kitchen directly. If you have a pet pooch, and would like to be able to cook, easy home cooked meals, then this is definitely the best cookbook out there to do so. The recipes are so easy, often with no more than 10 ingredients are require minimal effort to prepare and store. Cece has loved every recipe so far!
Have you tried any recipes from the Lilys cookbooks or do you cook your own recipes?
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