Sunday, 22 February 2015

Muddy Late Winter Walks with Cece

 A couple of days ago, whilst staying at my parents, we ventured out to the old woods by my childhood home to take Cece for a walk. To say it was a muddy walk would be a complete understatement... after wading through the mud and sludge in my ballet flats (BIG mistake!) and wishing I had my Joules wellies with me!
 There was one cheeky not so much a pup who seemed to love her walk!
 ( I have so many blurry mid action shots and I just love them... at least it shows happiness from Cece!)

As much as I've loved winter walking, I am very much looking forward to Spring and Summer with Cece... running across the field by our home is much more enjoyable on dry ground, and this year hopefully I will be venturing up London with her to take her to some London parks and woodland... any good spots, let me know!
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