Thursday, 19 February 2015

new office; the beginning

Having lived in my home for a year, and renewing the lease, alongside a doubly stressful time in my life, it was time to adapt the house, and make a fully fledged office happen.
In the house there are 3 bedrooms, as well as a conservatory, so having a desk in the kitchen space which overflowed onto the worktops; not useful at all!
The office is just in the beginning stages; there is a desk, and a bookcase. Computer is set up. And a few cuttings have made there way to the walls (pictured above). I rarely keep a magazine whole (with the exception of Rock n Roll Bride, Blogosphere and some issues of The Simple Things) and for about 10 years now, I've had this addiction to having cuttings all over my walls and making collages. I'm not ridiculously crafty, but I love a good collage! 
 The Paddington my parent's got me for Christmas; best surprise present ever. And one of my many calendars.

  Sunflowers are my favourite flower, and I love the pattern on the pot. The Once Upon a Time book was a Christmas gift, made especially, sent all the way from America, with all of the illustrations from Once Upon a Time on Stickers. The story was printed out but I've decided to calligraphy pen the story (ink would be way too long!). Also, my late dogs collar... it's my lucky charm.
 Stationary, jewellery, books and my Fujifilm on one of my bookcase shelves.
& a snapshot of my corkboard. The My Little Box Calendar from January's box, one of my favourite photos ever I took in Paris & the joke from a Joules cracker which had me in absolute stitches the Christmas gone.

I'm hoping to get my office into a Pinterest-worthy state, but more importantly I want it to be my hub of creativity. I'll be sharing more next month, and probably snapping a lot on my Instagram once I get my new iPhone 5S.

What do you have for inspiration in your workplace?
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