Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Portmeirion Wrendale Mugs ; The Badger & The Fox

Here's a little secret... I have many addictions to different types of shopping, and the biggest one alongside my magazine buying definitely has to be my addiction to anything crockery... especially mugs!
 Around Christmas time I spotted the Wrendale mugs in John Lewis, and immediately I was hooked on the different nature designs. Each mug has a different design on the front, back and a mini design inside the mug!
 Most of the mugs in my cabinets are either singles or pairs, I am yet to buy a whole set of mugs, yet now I have lived in a house for over a year, I think its time my guests didn't get odd mis-matches of Denby, Emma Bridgewater or the vintage finds I hoard!
 The whole Wrendale set, including coaster designs and more can be found on the John Lewis website ... my next planned purchases are the Robin & Hedgehog mugs. They retail at £10 each, which is I think is reasonable for china mugs and the designs are gorgeous!
What crockery sets do you own?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Felicity Jones - Girl Crush

LOVE this dress! I would look like a linebacker in it but it's so pretty
I decided, as I seem to be aimlessly girl crushing on tons of famous ladies, especially on my Pinterest feed, I'd start a monthly series, featuring a girl crush! 
First up had to be Felicity Jones... approximately five years ago, whilst serving popcorn (cringe!) in a popular shopping centre cinema, a new cardboard stand poster went up, promoting the film Cemetery Junction. I'm really not a film lover, but I knew this film was a must-see, and it is in my top 10 after seeing it the day it was released and falling in love with many of the main characters, one of whom was Felicity!  
British Actress Felicity Jones Poses for Debut Issue of So It Goes | Fashion Gone Rogue
As I generally buy every magazine that's going, I've followed her quite closely over the years, and many of my cuttings are of Felicity's amazing shoots, and outfits. 
The Theory of Everything - Saw the world premiere at TIFF. Brilliant!!! I see a little golden man named Oscar visiting these two in the near future.
Most recently the love has been re-ignited with the release of 'The Theory of Everything'... as I was watching I was creating a mental wardrobe in my head of all the dresses, outfits and hairstyles I wanted to try. 

Felicity Jones - GQ - November 2014     Photographed by Mark Abrahams

Who are you girl-crushing on at the moment? I have like a ton but am obviously saving them up for the series! I thought I'd leave you with my most recent Felicity photo, from March's InStyle... I'm all over the 70s coming back, and I wish I could pull this look off! 

Felicity Jones InStyle UK March 2015

*all photos taken from Pinterest. 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Favourites

Today, I thought I'd share with you a little round up of my Spring favourites. Above, are the bangles, earrings and hairbands I brought whilst on a recent trip to Bluewater in Forever 21. I love the gold and rose gold shades, and wanted some pretty staples for my wardrobe.
This Happy Jackson lunchbox I brought Urban Outfitters for £3 in the sale! I love Happy Jackson products; after being gifted post its for secret santa and wishing for one of the lunch boxes for ages, this had to come home with me!
Another Urban Outfitters sale buy… I honestly did not need any more photo frames, or a snow globe… but the pink confetti hearts made me fall in love!
Linen scents are my favourite at the moment… I was gifted these 3 scents, as they were new in the local garden centre. I haven't burnt them yet, but they smell brilliant, although Beach Party I am unsure how to describe the smell!
& this Yankee Candle mini my mother picked up for me on her trip away, alongside a bar of Cookies & Creme Lindt (that didn't last long enough to be photographed!)
This Julie Dodsworth sunflower pot & kit was actually a Christmas gift. I adore the print, and now spring has arrived, it was time to plant the sunflower… last year I had a major catastrophe growing sunflowers. Out of the 100s of seeds I planted, I think 4 successfully grew! Hopefully this grow your own kit will be nice and easy to grow!
These sunglasses I brought off of Etsy. I'm addicted to anything 70s at the moment (apart from suede and flares!) and in the summer months, sunglasses are the foolproof way to style any outfit into looking good. Here I think they look a bit Deirdre Barlow… but I've worn these with a few outfits already, and they have definitely have created more of a statement look!
With the No7 vouchers that float around Boots, I decided to spend my most recent make up voucher on a new polish. I don't normally go for blue, but spotted this colour and thought this would make for a bright pedicure.
I brought this paisley kimono from Apricot. Admittedly I had never ever stepped foot inside this shop before, however I'm glad I did whilst shopping with my friend as I couldn't believe all the lovely clothes inside the shop, and what great prices tags they had to go with them!
An impulse buy, which has turned into one of my favourite buys of all time was this stripe playsuit from Urban Outfitters. At £38 I was worried it was too 'loungey' (if that makes sense?) as many of my clothes, I buy intending to wear out, but end up putting in my 'smooch around the house' pile!

What have you been loving this Spring?

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chanel Spring / Summer Limited Edition 2015 : Blush Camelia Rose & Desirio

Chanel have launched a new Spring/Summer limited edition make up collection. After spotting a few pieces in some magazines, I began creating a mini wish list of pieces I wanted. First up, the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Desirio which I received for my birthday … I've never been the biggest lover of pinks, or bright fuchsia, however I decided to leave red polish for a little while, and be more of a spring convert!
A piece which I've spotted in many magazines, was the Jardin De Chanel Blush. At £35, at first I was put off by the price as I don't normally even wear blusher... but have you seen the gorgeous floral design?! Chanel is quite a staple in my make up bag, and I have every confidence in the quality of Chanel products, so I thought I'd give a new blush a go!
The blusher is small in size, but the array of rose pinks create a perfect blend. The blusher comes with it's own little velvet pouch, and would fit nicely into any handbag!
There are many other new pieces in the Chanel collection… I really love the Chanel Quad eyeshadows, especially the green shade. There is also a new Rouge Allure lipstick, which you may see quite nicely modelled by a certain Miss Knightley in magazines!

Do you own any limited edition Chanel pieces? What is on your wish list?

Friday, 27 March 2015

My Little Superbox

 This month's My Little Box theme was 'My Little Superbox'. This box, is one of my all time favourites. I absolutely loved every single thing inside this box, and the theme could not have come at a better time, and lets face it... everyone needs a pick me up every now and then!
 This month's contents included a t-shirt designed by Gat Rimon which read 'I Believe I Can Fly'. There are further designs in the collaboration, and I am eyeing up the David Bowie themed 'We Can Be Heroes' tee.
 The box always comes with a sticker on the inside of the packaging, which I always re purpose either in my Filofax or use for collages. This time, there were additional hero themed stickers! I love Wonder Woman in the trench coat!
 The magazine was packed full of how-to's, recipes and an interview with Carrie from WishWishWish.
And there were the usual beauty items. I've already used the hand cream, and am waiting to try out the conditioner. I love the little drawstring bag that comes with the box; I always have multiple bags to store things in my totes! 

What did you receive in your box this month? What box subscriptions do you have currently? 
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