Saturday, 28 March 2015

Chanel Spring / Summer Limited Edition 2015 : Blush Camelia Rose & Desirio

Chanel have launched a new Spring/Summer limited edition make up collection. After spotting a few pieces in some magazines, I began creating a mini wish list of pieces I wanted. First up, the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in Desirio which I received for my birthday … I've never been the biggest lover of pinks, or bright fuchsia, however I decided to leave red polish for a little while, and be more of a spring convert!
A piece which I've spotted in many magazines, was the Jardin De Chanel Blush. At £35, at first I was put off by the price as I don't normally even wear blusher... but have you seen the gorgeous floral design?! Chanel is quite a staple in my make up bag, and I have every confidence in the quality of Chanel products, so I thought I'd give a new blush a go!
The blusher is small in size, but the array of rose pinks create a perfect blend. The blusher comes with it's own little velvet pouch, and would fit nicely into any handbag!
There are many other new pieces in the Chanel collection… I really love the Chanel Quad eyeshadows, especially the green shade. There is also a new Rouge Allure lipstick, which you may see quite nicely modelled by a certain Miss Knightley in magazines!

Do you own any limited edition Chanel pieces? What is on your wish list?
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