Monday, 30 March 2015

Felicity Jones - Girl Crush

LOVE this dress! I would look like a linebacker in it but it's so pretty
I decided, as I seem to be aimlessly girl crushing on tons of famous ladies, especially on my Pinterest feed, I'd start a monthly series, featuring a girl crush! 
First up had to be Felicity Jones... approximately five years ago, whilst serving popcorn (cringe!) in a popular shopping centre cinema, a new cardboard stand poster went up, promoting the film Cemetery Junction. I'm really not a film lover, but I knew this film was a must-see, and it is in my top 10 after seeing it the day it was released and falling in love with many of the main characters, one of whom was Felicity!  
British Actress Felicity Jones Poses for Debut Issue of So It Goes | Fashion Gone Rogue
As I generally buy every magazine that's going, I've followed her quite closely over the years, and many of my cuttings are of Felicity's amazing shoots, and outfits. 
The Theory of Everything - Saw the world premiere at TIFF. Brilliant!!! I see a little golden man named Oscar visiting these two in the near future.
Most recently the love has been re-ignited with the release of 'The Theory of Everything'... as I was watching I was creating a mental wardrobe in my head of all the dresses, outfits and hairstyles I wanted to try. 

Felicity Jones - GQ - November 2014     Photographed by Mark Abrahams

Who are you girl-crushing on at the moment? I have like a ton but am obviously saving them up for the series! I thought I'd leave you with my most recent Felicity photo, from March's InStyle... I'm all over the 70s coming back, and I wish I could pull this look off! 

Felicity Jones InStyle UK March 2015

*all photos taken from Pinterest. 

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