Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Portmeirion Wrendale Mugs ; The Badger & The Fox

Here's a little secret... I have many addictions to different types of shopping, and the biggest one alongside my magazine buying definitely has to be my addiction to anything crockery... especially mugs!
 Around Christmas time I spotted the Wrendale mugs in John Lewis, and immediately I was hooked on the different nature designs. Each mug has a different design on the front, back and a mini design inside the mug!
 Most of the mugs in my cabinets are either singles or pairs, I am yet to buy a whole set of mugs, yet now I have lived in a house for over a year, I think its time my guests didn't get odd mis-matches of Denby, Emma Bridgewater or the vintage finds I hoard!
 The whole Wrendale set, including coaster designs and more can be found on the John Lewis website ... my next planned purchases are the Robin & Hedgehog mugs. They retail at £10 each, which is I think is reasonable for china mugs and the designs are gorgeous!
What crockery sets do you own?
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