Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Favourites

Today, I thought I'd share with you a little round up of my Spring favourites. Above, are the bangles, earrings and hairbands I brought whilst on a recent trip to Bluewater in Forever 21. I love the gold and rose gold shades, and wanted some pretty staples for my wardrobe.
This Happy Jackson lunchbox I brought Urban Outfitters for £3 in the sale! I love Happy Jackson products; after being gifted post its for secret santa and wishing for one of the lunch boxes for ages, this had to come home with me!
Another Urban Outfitters sale buy… I honestly did not need any more photo frames, or a snow globe… but the pink confetti hearts made me fall in love!
Linen scents are my favourite at the moment… I was gifted these 3 scents, as they were new in the local garden centre. I haven't burnt them yet, but they smell brilliant, although Beach Party I am unsure how to describe the smell!
& this Yankee Candle mini my mother picked up for me on her trip away, alongside a bar of Cookies & Creme Lindt (that didn't last long enough to be photographed!)
This Julie Dodsworth sunflower pot & kit was actually a Christmas gift. I adore the print, and now spring has arrived, it was time to plant the sunflower… last year I had a major catastrophe growing sunflowers. Out of the 100s of seeds I planted, I think 4 successfully grew! Hopefully this grow your own kit will be nice and easy to grow!
These sunglasses I brought off of Etsy. I'm addicted to anything 70s at the moment (apart from suede and flares!) and in the summer months, sunglasses are the foolproof way to style any outfit into looking good. Here I think they look a bit Deirdre Barlow… but I've worn these with a few outfits already, and they have definitely have created more of a statement look!
With the No7 vouchers that float around Boots, I decided to spend my most recent make up voucher on a new polish. I don't normally go for blue, but spotted this colour and thought this would make for a bright pedicure.
I brought this paisley kimono from Apricot. Admittedly I had never ever stepped foot inside this shop before, however I'm glad I did whilst shopping with my friend as I couldn't believe all the lovely clothes inside the shop, and what great prices tags they had to go with them!
An impulse buy, which has turned into one of my favourite buys of all time was this stripe playsuit from Urban Outfitters. At £38 I was worried it was too 'loungey' (if that makes sense?) as many of my clothes, I buy intending to wear out, but end up putting in my 'smooch around the house' pile!

What have you been loving this Spring?

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