Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bee Happy #LustList

Honeycomb Vase from #Asda

This year one of my goals is to up-lift, lighten and brighten my home. I've found simple accessories can really change a room. I am absolutely loving the colour yellow at the moment, and Asda currently have as part of their George Home range, a wide range of Bee themed accessories.
I keep walking past this honeycomb vase when grocery shopping, and even though I already have a yellow vase, I'm slowly convincing myself I need another...

Yellow Honeycomb Frame from Asda #asda #wishlist

And to match it wouldn't be normal to not buy the matching frame! 

I'm a huge mug addict, and this bee happy mug is so pretty and an absolute steal at only £2! 

Honeycomb Clock £12
I'm in a mini love hate relationship with this clock; I love the design, and think it would be so perfect for a brighter home, but a clock needs numbers right?! 
George at Asda Honeypot #beehappy #asda
This yellow honeypot is adorable, and reminds me crazily of Winnie the Pooh. I don't even eat honey that much but now I feel I need a reason to eat honey more! 

What Spring/Summer home trends are you currently loving? 

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