Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Bee Happy #LustList

Honeycomb Vase from #Asda

This year one of my goals is to up-lift, lighten and brighten my home. I've found simple accessories can really change a room. I am absolutely loving the colour yellow at the moment, and Asda currently have as part of their George Home range, a wide range of Bee themed accessories.
I keep walking past this honeycomb vase when grocery shopping, and even though I already have a yellow vase, I'm slowly convincing myself I need another...

Yellow Honeycomb Frame from Asda #asda #wishlist

And to match it wouldn't be normal to not buy the matching frame! 

I'm a huge mug addict, and this bee happy mug is so pretty and an absolute steal at only £2! 

Honeycomb Clock £12
I'm in a mini love hate relationship with this clock; I love the design, and think it would be so perfect for a brighter home, but a clock needs numbers right?! 
George at Asda Honeypot #beehappy #asda
This yellow honeypot is adorable, and reminds me crazily of Winnie the Pooh. I don't even eat honey that much but now I feel I need a reason to eat honey more! 

What Spring/Summer home trends are you currently loving? 


  1. Oh this is so super cute!! I'm really into yellow lately and that honeypot is definitely Winnie the Pooh esc!


    1. Thanks Danielle! I never used to like yellow (like this time last year) but it really has grown on me recently! x


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