Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Baking

This week, I have utilised some time off with some making & baking! For my birthday, I was gifted a lot of baking materials, including the lemon & orange jellies, floral cupcake cases, icing sets and a cake cookbook, and I brought these flowerpot muffin cases from Lakeland for £6.99 and although I did not have any floral/green icing to decorate as well as Lakeland have, I decided to add an Easter twist to my first time baking with them!
No Easter is complete without chocolate crispy cakes… cornflakes or rice crispies though?! Personally, my favourite is cornflakes made with milk & white chocolate mixed… a marble crispy cake!
I attempted (and pretty much failed) a buttercream icing recipe with my new icing tools and cupcake cookbook… it was supposed to be a pink and white stripe mix, but it sort of blended! Any tips for better icing, send them my way! The cake mixture turned out okay… I used rose water and vanilla in the mix.
I opened my Snoopy Cupcake Kit, and made a few cupcakes using the cases and accessories, one of which was the cupcake sticks. The cases I baked went translucent, so next time, I'll be baking in plain cases and transferring! (lesson learnt!) 

The biscuits I created seemed to be one of the better things I baked… using a recipe out of an old 90s cookbook, which I used when I was younger, I attempted the 'plain' biscuit recipe, and it tasted like a cross between a shortbread biscuit and digestive… I added some yellow coloured icing… the plain biscuits are the best though… I've been converted from covered biscuits to plain janes! 

And that's the end of my easter baking. Over the summer, I am really hoping to bake properly, and share some recipes here on the blog. I want to master my Nan's chocolate and peppermint cake and also bake enough so I don't feel guilty buying a kitchenaid! 

What are your Easter bakes?

p.s. below is an outtake… Cece loves to try and get heavily involved in the baking/testing process. 
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