Saturday, 18 April 2015

Everything is Rosie

Yesterday I ventured out to my favourite charity shop hotspot in the search of some education supplies to help my training. I found some absolute gems, including some additions to my spring wardrobe, however the one thing I was most pleased with was this Rosie Gift Set from Lush. The set costs £21.25 on the Lush website, however I've noticed this must be a newer version of the set with new packaging and the addition of the Tisty Tosty bath bomb... the £3.49 price tag I paid above though is a steal compared to what I would've paid in store!
Rose is one of my favourite scents, and when I finally opened this package up (because I obviously didn't just buy the box because it was Lush and had a retro pattern...) I was so pleased at the contents! Amandopondo is one of my all time favourite Lush products... I fell in love with Bubble Bars because of this bar, and haven't looked back since! Rose Jam Bubbleroon is a product I've been waiting to try for a while, and am looking forward to the rose & lemon scents in my bathtub.
I've never tried a bath ballistic before as I'm not a fan of bath bombs, however the petals are enticing me towards the Rose Queen. The Argan Body Conditioner I have never tried before either; the scent of almond and brazil alongside rose smells delicious though! 

Which Lush gift sets do you love?
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