Sunday, 19 April 2015

Lazing on A Sunny Afternoon

Hello from what seems to be the sunniest of weeks ever! Today is just a little snapshot into the garden and Cece lapping up some sunshine.
Flowers have begun blooming in the garden, although I have the on-going losing battle of growing daffodils and sunflowers, and wanting a meadow in my back garden. I need an SOS course on gardening or just to hire a gardener to really get the garden I desire! Any tips are most welcome!
 I'm hoping this year, the garden will be a place full of wonderful memories, pretty flowers and plenty of apples, grapes and home grown veg. Even though I'm petrified of frogs, I've also even considered opening back up the pond ... although last time it was uncovered Cece fell in!
Cece loves exploring the garden!
What have you been up to whilst the sun has been shining? 
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