Friday, 17 April 2015

The Courtyard of Daffodils ; A Walk through Begijnhof

It's amazing how much you can pack into a day trip with a little bit of planning... during my five hour visit to Brugge a couple of weeks back, I visited a few little gems around Brugge. This is part one, and one of the places that was top of my to do list. Begijnhof is a pretty little courtyard, down a side road from Minnewater. When we arrived, we was dropped off right by Minnewater park, and found Begijnhof within a matter of minutes (which pleased me immensely!)

The courtyard is full of quaint houses, and the paths across the flowers. April is daffodil season, which made me ridiculously happy... I quite honestly could've spent the whole day sitting peacefully in the courtyard. There are signs for quiet in the courtyard, which sets a lovely, tranquil atmosphere, and is a complete opposite to the hustle and bustle of the Brugge town square!
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